For years, the aesthetic elite has been refrigerating eye creams and gels, and not just to save room in their medicine cabinets: the cold temperature is said to de-puff by contracting the tissue around the eyes, plus it feels better going on. According to Korean company EUPA, which makes a special cosmetics refrigerator, all products should be stored between 10 to 14 degrees (Celsius, presumably, which is 50 degrees Fahrenheit). Some people keep nail polish in the refrigerator, but according to "Cosmetics Cop" Paula Begoun, "Condensation and cold negatively affect nail polish, making it too thick to use reliably."

So while you shouldn't go hungry to make shelf space for your products, certain things, like melty lip glosses, mineral water sprays (genius to bring to the beach), aloe and other redness relieving gels (to soothe sunburns, rosacea, etc.) and certain organic and natural products, like Lush's face masks, are best served — er, slathered — cold. Just make sure your roommate/ significant other/ babysitter/ kids know what's edible and what's not.