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When it comes to beauty rules, we hear a lot of advice, some of it conflicting. Cool-toned people should only wear cool tones, except when their lipstick should have orange undertones instead of blue. Warm-toned people should prefer gold, except that silver looks equally pretty on most. It can be extremely confusing, but if you've put yourself in the narrow confines of a certain shade spectrum, now's the time to break out of it. To find out why it's OK to break this beauty "rule," just keep reading.

  • Color and undertones are both way too varied and complicated to be absolute: It's all about balance. Sticking with just one color undertone can sometimes look flat and even boring. Keeping things in line with your own tones can be a good general guideline, but using it as a hard and fast rule is a bad idea.
  • The truth is that when you see a color that appeals to you, you should always try it on: It may not work out, but at least you'll know, and you won't be cutting yourself off from the possibility of wearing something that you love. Plus, a little opposing tonality can be nice sometimes, like when you need to brighten up around your eyes, or when you've been sick and your complexion looks sallow.
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mediagirl2890 mediagirl2890 6 years
I could not agree more! I'm a cool/neutral w/ light green eyes and a bit of gold near the iris, and light golden brown hair. When it comes to makeup I am always given recommendations for purple eyeshadows, gray/black liners, pink or berry blushes...and they just suck the life out of me! Wearing warmer toned makeup, like peachy pink blush and lip gloss,and warm brown liners and shadows on my eyes make me look alive.
futuralon futuralon 6 years
As a photographer with a solid understanding of color theory I find the whole concept of cool/warm undertones to be unhelpful. Try on foundations until you find one that matches; understand that it's more probable a yellowish foundation will match. Try on other colors of eyeshadow/lipstick/blush and clothing until you find ones you like, that suit you. Most people are more comfortable with a unifying color theme for their jewelry and everyday looks, but don't be afraid to mix it up, especially for night.
risqueredhead risqueredhead 6 years
I have pinkish/neutral undertones and blue eyes, but due to the red hair, I look much better in warm tones. I look ridiculous in a lot of cool tones. Coral, browns, coppers, bronze, gold... those are my makeup colors. As for jewelry, I look best in copper or rose gold, followed by yellow gold.
Rosay77 Rosay77 6 years
I'm warm toned and I really do look better in gold. Anytime I wear silver, I look ruddy. I find the "rules" to be much more of a help and guide rather than a burden.
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