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Beauty Secrets From Beyonce's Makeup Artist

Want to Look Like Beyoncé? Her Makeup Artist Spills All

Beyoncé always looks flawless, to say the least, but who is the mastermind behind her epic beauty looks? Allure sat down with Francesca Tolot to get the inside scoop on being a makeup artist to Bey and her other big-name clients. Tolot even shares her best beauty tip!

Francesca Tolot has been Beyoncé's exclusive makeup artist for over twelve years. Beyoncé isn't just going to choose some random person to apply her baby oil, though. Tolot has also worked closely with Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, and the best photographers in the world (Helmut Newton would personally request her for projects). She talks to us about her favorite job, the craziest looks she's ever created, and her new book, One Woman 100 Faces (Goodman), which chronicles her 22-year collaboration with the model Mitzi Martin.

How did you start working with Beyoncé? "The makeup artist she was using at that time wasn't available for the music video for 'Crazy in Love,' and I was lucky enough that she chose me. We had an immediate connection and started collaborating on and off. It became such a nice relationship that I started doing everything."

Do you have a favorite look of hers? "I had an amazing time doing Dreamgirls. For three months, we were together every day. We had so many looks. In the movie, she went from a 15-year-old with bushy eyebrows to over 30 years old. I loved every single look."

What do you find inspiring about Mitzi? "Her face has a special symmetry that makes it easy for me to go any direction I want—natural, crazy, sophisticated. Then, obviously, those piercing blue eyes are so special and so intense, and on top of that, she's a wonderful person."

What is your favorite image in the book? "I never get tired of looking at that picture [seen here]. It came to me in a dream. I sat there for hours cutting very thin pieces of paper and then composed the pieces together, and then I glued them on Mitzi's eyelids. It's very different from anything I've seen before."

What's your ultimate makeup tip? "Less is more when it comes to makeup—except mascara. When you apply mascara, your whole eye opens up, and it adds luminosity and sparkle to the whole face."

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