Big bang baby! Bangs are back! Just look at these delicate bangs at the Spring 2007 Marchesa show. This was the first show for these fancy shmancy designers and I must say, their evening dresses were gorgeous...all 26 of them!

The concept for the show was "Paparazzi Ready." The girls looked glam in their super short or super long dresses, soft and sweet looking makeup and their hair swept back in an updated ballet bun with bangs! And how much ooomphf did Reeses' bangs give her at the Golden Globes Monday night? Be sure to check out more of my Spring Peeks.

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Ken Paves, hairdresser to the stars, "loves bangs because they are such a great way to provide an instant tune-up for just about any hairstyle." I guess this is why bangs continue to make history over the years. Adding a simple bouncy layer to your hair can really transform and update your look. It's flattering and very sexy to find a cut that frames your face and accentuates your best features. Check out these celebs who have tested the waters with bangs.

So whether your bangs are angled, super short, wavy, fringed, long, side-swept or blunt, update your do with a bang!