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A Beauty-Themed Cruise Is About to Set Sail

Beauty Hits the High Seas on a Girly Cruise

If combining travel, beauty, and over-the-top girliness is your thing, you'll probably be intrigued by Stacey Schieffelin's Pajama Party at Sea. Schieffelin, a former model, is hosting another of her yearly nautical treks for ladies. This July, guests will board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in Miami, then make three island stops in the Caribbean. While on the ship, they'll be able to primp with makeovers, participate in life coaching sessions, and do all of the other cruise-ship activities that you might expect. A goody bag filled with $500 worth of beauty products is included, too.

While I like the idea of a girls-only event, I'm not crazy about cruise ships' environmental impact in general. I just returned from the Sian Ka'an biosphere in the Mexican Caribbean, where miles of otherwise pristine beaches were littered with trash — much of which came from these megaships. This turtle-hugger will pass for now, but for those of you who love a cruise, how does the idea sound to you?

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