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Beauty Tips For Left-Handed People

Today's the Day to Get Your Left-Handed Beauty On

Today is Left-Handers' Day, the official celebration for those among us who are sinistra, but not sinister. So in honor of all our lovely lefties, we've put together a few fun beauty facts to help the right-minded get gorgeous.

  • Cut it out: Get some lefty nail scissors ($15). You'll be surprised at how much less pain you're in every time you trim your cuticles.
  • Avoid eyeliner pens: They seem convenient, but like most pens, they're designed for right-handed people, who pull them from left to right. Since lefties either push left to right or reverse the whole thing and go right to left, you might end up with bumpy, messy liner that doesn't come out evenly.
  • Using angled brushes: Remind yourself to work from right to left. Even though it might feel a little funny at first, you'll smudge your makeup a lot less. If you still have trouble, use a straight-tipped brush (they're good for either hand).
  • Electric mascara wands: One caveat: they're designed to roll outward when held in your right hand, so if you hold one in your left, it rolls inward and gunks up your lashes. So either switch hands or make sure the wand you buy is reversible.
  • Mastering the curling wand: Being left-handed when your curling wand came with a right-handed heat-resistant glove can be frustrating. But fear not. You can wave your hair and keep your fingers protected with the HAI Thermal Styling Glove ($25) that was also made to easily fit your left hand.

Got any more lefty tips? Put them in the comments.

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