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Beauty Trends From Cosmoprof North America 2011 2011-07-31 18:28:14

5 Beauty Trends Straight From Cosmoprof North America

Today marked the kickoff to Cosmoprof North America, one of the biggest beauty-pro events of the year. While there in Las Vegas, I checked out a sliver of the expansive trade show floor. To see five trends that will be making their way to stores, salons, and spas in the near future, keep reading.

Natural products focus on health. When it comes to "green" beauty products, saving the planet isn't the big marketing push. Instead, natural-leaning brands focus on the health angle. Kelly Teegarden, a cancer survivor who launched her eponymous organic skin care line, talked about the importance of monitoring what goes on your skin. That and Canadian brand Consonant were just some of the standout brands developed by people seeking more natural body care products as a health choice.

For hair, design matters. I'll tackle more of the trade show tomorrow, but a cursory glance shows that when it comes to hair tools, there's no shortage of creativity. It's no longer enough to have a simple flat iron; companies are coming out with innovative ways of styling hair, and the packaging is just as stylish. My favorite styler of the day: Amika's triple barrel curler, which features interchangeable barrels that allow you to control the size of your curl. It's like Transformers, but for your hair.


Creative nail polish continues to be big. More on this as I have time to wander the show, but it seems like crackle polish may get an even bigger push in the next year. (See a crackle nail polish example.) Hot on its heels as a trend: magnetic nail polish, which was just a blip four years ago but is now returning with new shades and brands.

Hair smoothing isn't going anywhere. Despite the controversy over formaldehyde in some hair straightening treatments — or maybe because of it — the field just keeps growing. What's notable, however, is the effort to limit or eliminate formaldehyde from the process, emphasizing safety as much as effectiveness. For instance, Tela Beauty Organics just launched its Phyto Keratin Smoothing Treatment, an in-salon (and 85 percent USDA certified organic!) way to reduce frizz without formaldehyde.

Men aren't getting left out. Sure, the bulk of the beauty goodies at Cosmoprof are directed toward women. After all, relatively few men are willing to paint their fingernails (though I did spot a few guys pulling it off). But I spotted a few cool items for guys, like Barista's four-step shaving system. The bath and body brand just launched coffee-infused products for the average Joe, which should be attractive to dudes whose biggest dilemma is choosing between Stumptown, Ritual, and Intelligentsia each morning.

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