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A Look at Who's Shopping Wal-Mart's Beauty Aisles

Wal-Mart is already a go-to spot for a lot of household goods, but one study suggests it may be taking a bigger role in the world of beauty. WWD reports on a new study by researching firm The Benchmarking Company, which surveyed more than 2,300 women to gauge their opinions of the store's beauty shopping experience.

Among the findings: 73 percent of the participants shop for personal care products at Wal-Mart, and more than half do so because of low prices. Olay, Cover Girl, Suave, and Maybelline are some of the more popular brands among these shoppers. One beauty genre, however, isn't doing so well at Wally World. The study shows that shoppers are "confused" by natural and organic products, and 70 percent refuse to pay more for them. Why does this matter for beauty brands? Because 200 million people shop at Wal-Mart each week. Are you one of them, and do you stock up on your grooming essentials there?

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Designermode Designermode 7 years
Not the biggest fan of Wal Mart, but this is interesting
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
It is on certain items lilkimbo, well the ones around the Chicagoland area. For example, the Arm & Hammer carpet freshener powder. For some reason it is cheaper at Target because they carry the bigger size than the Wal-Mart a few miles away but Wal-Mart charges a few cents more. Luckily Target is within a driving distance. There is one near me that is about 15 minutes away, then there is one that is 30 minutes away and another one that is hour away. The only thing that sucks is there is no SuperTarget that is driving distance. I have been to one in Indiana and it was gorgeous *lol*.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
There is no WalMart near me, but I wouldn't be against shopping at one if there were. I generally get my beauty products at Sephora, though. Gummi, I want to know how you can find prices cheaper than at WalMart! I've never been to a Target (or any other store) that was cheaper than a WalMart in the same town.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 7 years
Confused by natural & organic products? Personally I do not understand what there is to be confused about. Most common beauty products (and everything else now 'n days...) are filled to the brim with toxins; they do not just "sit" on the skin, they pollute your body & overall well being. So, you should avoid them, hence natural products. However you need to be aware of the alternate names a brand will use to disguise chemicals/preservatives. Once you become aware of what to look for, I don't see what could still be causing you confusion. It is all quite simple. Price wise, toxin-free cosmetics do not always have to cost more. Though certain ingredients & labor-cost for smaller brands can make it pricey in comparison to products made on the cheap. IMO, I'd rather buy 1 quality lipstick than buy the 2-3 cheaply made toxin-filled ones you could get for the same price. Health over illness. Because of the above, there is barely anything, especially beauty products that I would buy at Wal-Mart. Their definition of "natural" is quite loose and the rest of the health & beauty stock is, well, in the kindest of word I can think of, cr*p. :shrug:
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
I like Target since it is cleaner and the parking situation is better maintained. I shop at Walmart sometimes they carry some a laundry booster or some specialty product that Target does not carry. I find that most of the time Walmart does not offer the cheapest price so I don't go there as much as I used to. As far as cosmetics, I usually go to Sephora, Ulta, or the department stores. In terms of organic products, I purchase mine online. More likely to be fresher and I get better prices.
booe1104 booe1104 7 years
Nope, it's all about Target for me. I really try to avoid Wal-mart for a variety of reasons.
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