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Beauty For Your Sign: Leo (July 23-August 22)

You already read your daily horoscope on DearSugar, right? Well, I've got a little astrology treat for you here on BellaSugar, too. Welcome to the first of a 12-part series about beauty for your zodiac sign. I'll profile each sign as it comes, giving hair and makeup tips to bring out your best look. I'll start with all you Leos out there, but if you're another sign, hang in there! We'll circle the entire Zodiac together over the next year.

Since Leos are happiest when they're at the center of attention, they want their own beauty to be noticed. When it comes to makeup, they can get away with wearing bold colors, but hair is more important for this sign (think of its namesake, the lion, and its beautiful mane). For instance, Jennifer Lopez and Debra Messing are both Leos with "notice-me" hair—whether they're going for an elegant or trendy look, they almost always get attention for their locks.

To find out which colors and cuts work for Leos (and which don't), plus a shopping list of lovely Leo-appropriate finds,

What works if you're a Leo Leos look great when they take risks that others might be too shy to try. For instance, Coco Chanel came back from vacation with a tan, and the world followed her lead. While you may not be able to create that big of a trend, modern-day Leos can nonetheless pull off bold colors on their nails and lips. Since gold is Leo's signature color, try metallic eye shadows and nail polishes to get noticed. Invest in a good haircut that makes you feel powerful and confident.

What doesn't work Neutral makeup palettes. They're pretty, but a little bit blah for your sign. You can "Leo" them up by adding small elements of razzle-dazzle—maybe a bright nail color or daring 'do to balance out a subdued face.

Need some Leo-specific shopping ideas? Check them out in this handy widget!

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Destiny15376803 Destiny15376803 3 years
I'm such a Leo ,but if someone wakes me up I would go back to sleep
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
I'm SUCH a Leo, but I'm also not a morning person, so giving myself enough time to primp before work is hard.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
I'm a Leo. I'm not so fussy with my hair (though I did take a bold step and went from mousy brown to RED RED RED), but If my eyes aren't looking right it all goes to pot. :p
katweb katweb 9 years
Definitely a Leo here. If my 'Mane' isn't right, neither am I!
jazspin jazspin 9 years
I'm a Leo, and I definitely fit a lot of the typical characteristics. I have a major mane of hair that I change all the time (color, cut, and style), I NEED to wear my jewelry, especially earrings, or else I feel naked, and I pretty much always rock the high, high heels (I'm only 5'2 and prefer to remain in denial about that fact).
Silly-J Silly-J 9 years
I am a TRUE Leo, and my gorgeous hair is DEFINITELY my signature. Other constantly comment how my hair ALWAYS looks good, and trust me that is no accident. I work on my hair, skin, nails, and body 24/7, and I always look good. I love beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelery, and handbags. I am also very generous with my family and friends, and though I do not enjoy being the center of attention, I usually am (this is not always good), but I roll with it. I love my Leos!
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
Shy lion here but I do enjoy being generous, creative and making others laugh. My hair is thick and wild and frequently uncontrollable - much to my dismay. Others love it and I often joke about how my hair has the personality of a rock star vs my more soft-spoken style.
catita85 catita85 9 years
i´m a proud Leo too.. and i love my hair, lol
1love 1love 9 years
Haha funny, I am a leo with HUGE curly hair which I get tons of compliments on, but also get made fu of becuase it's my mane... Well DUH !!! SIGNATURE MANE THAT IS!!
Green Green 10 years
proud Leo here :)
Lucy-in-the-Sky Lucy-in-the-Sky 10 years
leo's are scary
exquisite exquisite 10 years
awwwww... are there some Beauty Signs for Scorpios too? i tried to find them, but.. no luck.
cara-61 cara-61 10 years
I am a quintessential Leo, however, I don't have glorious hair. It looked good a few months ago, but I went to work at a Salon, and had a new style , which I don't like.Thank goodness, it always grows, LOL
mizz_jennii mizz_jennii 10 years
SO TRUE what they say about Leo's :)
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
I'm a Leo, but the personality is right generous, creative etc. But I'm not the person always in the limelight and my hair is no way near my signature!
MrsSchmitt MrsSchmitt 10 years
My hair is my signature too! I definitely have the Leos' lion's mane!
Mennenia Mennenia 10 years
Same goes for me. Everybody knows me because of my hair :P I change it all the time. And I don't mind my outfit or make up, just as long as my hair looks good. And all the other characteristics... all I can say is that I'm definitely a Leo.
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
OMG, I know people say that your horoscopes or zodiacs are not to be taken seriously but I SOOO swear I'm a true Leo: generous, creative, tendency to be lazy and a bit narcissistic. lol. I do think my hair is my signature look, I'm always trying to do something with it and people comment on how much they like and I love it. That's where the narcissistic part comes in. lol.
kimbit kimbit 10 years
I am a Leo, and my hair is definitly my signature. I have long strawberry blonde curly hair and strangers will stop me on the street and tell me that it is nice.
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