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Pisces is one of my favorite signs, and not just because my sign, Taurus, tends to get along with it so well. Imaginative, friendly Pisces is known for being open minded, and this romantic sign is also in touch with its emotions. Pisces is also known for having a great sense of humor — just think of Drew Barrymore and Queen Latifah.

Unfortunately, life doesn't always go swimmingly for this fishy sign. On a bad day, Pisces is likely to be moody or unfocused, or unwilling to confront issues head-on. When this happens, Pisces can feel refreshed by having a good cry, journaling, or hugging it out.

For Pisces-specific beauty tips, plus some product suggestions,


What works if you're a Pisces: This sign is all about dreams and fantasy, so ethereal looks are worth a try. Look for shimmery eye shadows and highlighters for the face, and dust a little bit of sparkly powder on your body when the weather is warm. This water sign looks great in shades of sea green, mauve, and violet.

What doesn't: Bright red and orange colors aren't your thing, and you'll probably get bored by simple, neutral shades.


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