Sagittarius women are known for telling it like it is, so if you're a Sag, friends probably trust you to give straightforward advice. You're the first one to tell a friend when a haircut doesn't flatter, and you know which colors don't work with your complexion. But sometimes you can be a little too direct. Softening your remarks with a smile can go a long way.

So, how can you spot this sign? Take a look at Tyra Banks, the quintessential Sag: She's always talking about smiling with her eyes, and she's been known to make a few goofy faces in her day. Others, like Brad Pitt, can seem intimidatingly attractive at first — but then they break out into a grin and share their warmth. For hair and makeup suggestions for Sagittarius,

What works if you're a Sagittarius: Rich, intense colors like deep purple and navy. Yes, they can work in a subtle way, too; just look at Sagittarius Lucy Liu's eyeliner. This sign also knows that less is often more, which is why you can make a simple ponytail look sexy.

What doesn't : There's a difference between looking casual and being schlubby. (Uh, did I mention that Britney Spears is a Sag?) So go for a comfortable, low-maintenance look — but don't forget to pamper yourself a little bit, too.