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Beauty for Your Sign: Scorpio (Oct 23–Nov 21)

Another month, another set of birthdays in Beauty For Your Sign! This time around, it's Scorpio, which some say is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. (Not a Scorpio? Hold tight, as we'll go through each sign as it comes up.)

Magnetic and mysterious, Scorpios have the ability to attract people, and more than a few of them have a little bad-girl or bad-boy action going on. (Think of Buffy's former beau Angel, for instance. Total Scorpio.) Scorpios are adept at finding out what's going on beneath the surface, so while they can figure other people out, they can be enigmatic themselves. A sign of quiet power, Scorpios are often drawn to unusual ways of looking at the world. For example, Scorpio actresses Maggie Gyllenhaal and Chloe Sevigny have both been rewarded by taking some out-of-the-mainstream roles.

For hair and makeup suggestions for Scorpio,

What works if you're a Scorpio: Intense, detail-oriented makeup and precision haircuts. Your sign was practically made for the smoky eye look, so play up your peepers with a bit of black eyeliner. Try a dark manicure, which is one of fall's biggest trends. For a daytime look, go for a simple—but not too sweet—take on the clean, well-groomed look. Think of Scorpio Julia Roberts, whose hair looks enviably even when she runs out to CVS in sweats. Finally, if there's any sign that gets a thrill from Brazilian waxes, it's Scorpio—the sign that's linked with the reproductive organs and all things sexy.

What doesn't : Messy cuticles, split ends, chapped lips. Everyone deals with these things, but detail-oriented Scorpios are most likely to be annoyed by them. Avoid pastels and bright hues, too. When you pick out an eye shadow or lipstick, choose rich colors like purple and emerald rather than lavender and mint.


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