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Beauty For Your Sign: Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You already read your daily horoscope on DearSugar, right? Well, I've got a little astrology treat for you here on BellaSugar, too. Welcome to another installment of a 12-part series about beauty for your zodiac sign. I'll profile each sign as it comes, giving hair and makeup tips to bring out your best look. Last time, I gave suggestions for Leo ladies, and this time it's all about Virgos. If your birthday is far away, don't worry—together we'll circle the entire zodiac together over the next year.

You can often recognize a Virgo by an innocent-looking baby face, or by a helpful and sweet disposition. They're mainly known for being detail-oriented, which works both for and against them. On the plus side, they have skill and patience—which explains why Virgo Salma Hayek's looks flawless even when she's going for a low-key look. On the negative side, a perfectionist streak makes some Virgos too critical, focusing on "flaws" that nobody else notices. (You know your friend who's always freaking out about the "huge zit" that you can't even see? Ask her if she's a Virgo.)

To find out which colors and cuts work for Virgos (and which don't), plus a shopping list of lovely Virgo-appropriate finds,

What works if you're a Virgo Virgo is an earth sign, which means you look great in neutral colors that bring out your natural beauty. But don't go so natural that you look plain. If you choose a barely-there eye look, balance it with a bold lip (or vice versa). With hair, you can look glamorous by amplifying what you've got. Look at Beyonce, for instance: When she lets her curls out, she's stunning whether she's in a designer gown or jeans and a tee.

What doesn't work Brash, out-there, "look at me!" makeup and hair. Additionally, it's important to know what's age-appropriate. Watch out for certain trends that could be too juvenile, and you should be fine.

Need some Virgo-specific shopping ideas? Check them out in this handy widget!


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