On its own, lip gloss is an unabashedly girly thing. But just when you thought things couldn't get any girlier, here comes Balmshell. The brainchild of identical twin sisters, the line of lip glosses ($22) has packaging unlike any other I've ever seen.

You know the nudie-girl pens that were popular in the 50s? When you tipped the pen upside down, the illustrated pinup's clothes would appear to come off. Well, this is the same concept. The containers use the same kind of gravitational pull to tell little stories for each gloss. Unlike their precursors, these are rated PG, with tales of shopping, golfing, flirting and canoeing.

Okay, so it's a little gimmicky, and some of the illustrations are a little dippy (really, women do have interests beyond shopping, talking on the phone, and getting scoped out by dudes!). Still, if you know someone who's a total girly girl—or if that happens to be you—Balmshell is the go-to gloss.