Bella Donna: Kim Gordon
Bella Donna: Kim Gordon

Some people try to be cool; other people couldn't be uncool even if they tried. Kim Gordon falls into that latter category. She's probably most famous for playing guitar and singing in legendary art-rock band Sonic Youth, but she's also an accomplished visual artist, a clothing designer, a muse to Marc Jacobs, and easily the rockingest mom in Northampton, MA.

At 56, Kim doesn't seem to be using Botox or fillers, and she's just as striking as she was when Sonic Youth started out almost three decades ago. "I don’t make that much money," she has said with regard to high-priced anti-aging fixes. "I just hope my good bones will take me through." (Truthfully, I'd be heartbroken if Kim Gordon were to go down the preserve-youth-at-all-costs road.)

Kim's style — dirty blond shoulder-length hair, soft eyeliner, simple but chic dresses — is uniquely hers, but her Urban Outfitters clothing collaboration,
Mirror/Dash, makes it easy to take a few cues from her. Pop in Sonic Youth's latest, The Eternal, and you'll start feeling like a kool thing yourself.

Wire Image; publicity photos by Monica Dee and Corrine Day

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