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Bella Interview: Amy Keller, Allure Beauty Director

I hope you've enjoyed this series profiling Amy Keller, the beauty director of Allure. Today, she's sharing her best makeup tip and her thoughts on beauty blogging. Read on!

What is the best beauty advice you've ever received?
I always resisted using makeup brushes for some reason. I thought it was an extra step that wasn’t necessary and I was using instead cotton swabs, or the little applicators that come in the packages, but I finally listened to makeup artists. It does make such a difference if you are using a shadow brush or a powder brush or a blush brush. You know when you always read in magazines, “You need to blend this, you need to soften the lines”? That’s what these brushes do, and I have had so much success since [using them].

For her thoughts on beauty blogs,


How do you think the role of a beauty editor differs from that of beauty bloggers? Are there any differences?
Here at Allure, we are totally in favor of people with beauty blogs expressing their obsessions and their passion for beauty. It just makes the beauty topic more relevant. We have our own blog on where one of our former beauty editors blogs our products. One thing at Allure that might be different from a lot of the blogs is our close relationships with the top hairstylists, the top makeup artists, the top dermatologists; I can e-mail or call these people and they will call us right back. These are the people we have become friends with, and you can’t just get those people on the phone if you don’t have those established relationships.

Obviously with the manpower we have here, we’re able to research things like what goes on with skin-care stories, or some kind of new technology in a mascara. We look at beauty from more of a scientific angle: How does it work? Has it been studied? We go through all of these steps while we are assessing a product that someone on a blog might not have access to — or wouldn’t even want to. When you are reading something online, it’s not so much about “How exactly does this work, and is it scientific and is it proven?” [Instead], it’s just like, “This is the hot new thing.” So I don’t think we are necessarily competing with people who are doing blogs; it’s just that we’re working in tandem.

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