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Bella Interview: Amy Keller, Allure Beauty Director

And so we come to the conclusion of my interview with Amy Keller, the beauty director of Allure. If you missed any of the previous posts, be sure to catch up on them for her advice on beauty and the magazine biz. We'll finish things up today with a few thoughts on antiaging products. If you've been a faithful user of sunblock, you will be very happy to see what Amy has to say!

I’m totally obsessed with sunblock. I’m like a crazy lady who always has to wear it. Is everyone at Allure obsessed, too?
Yes, everyone here is totally obsessed with sunblock. I absolutely wear sunscreen every day. When I even get daytime moisturizer sent to me without sunscreen, I just don’t even understand why people are launching them — because what’s the point? It simplifies sunscreen by having it in your face cream. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with the new face washes that have sunscreen ingredients that actually don’t totally go down the drain. St. Ives has a new one, so you can get it in the drugstores; Freeze 24/7 had the first one that came out last year. So that just makes things even easier. Not that that’s the only thing you should use for sunscreen, but it's good to put it on. We are really into Helioplex here, which is in Neutrogena and Aveeno products.

It's good to hear you say that. I'm starting to see the payoff of wearing sunblock.
It’s very true! We are obsessed with antioxidants here, like coffeeberry, which is in those Revale skin products we have done several stories on. I feel like every dermatologist I have talked to says that if you combine antioxidants and sunscreen, it makes such a difference. One dermatologist said that if you look at women who are age 25, you might not be able to tell who is wearing antioxidants. But if you look at women who are age 35, you will totally be able to tell who has been wearing antioxidants and sunscreen because their skin looks so much younger.

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