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Bella Interview: Paris Luna, On-Tour Beauty

Paris Luna is a Georgia-based indie band whose music reminds me a little of a poppier, more shimmering version of The Sundays. Not so coincidentally, the band's namesake is a lovely singer/songwriter named Paris Luna, who plays guitar and piano along with singing. Since she's in a tour van almost nonstop, I was curious about how she keeps looking so polished. In between stops, Paris took a minute to dish on her on-the-road beauty habits.

So you're a full-time musician, then? Not many people get to that point.
Yep! For the past two years, we have probably been on the road every single month for at least four days out of each week. We're pretty much doing it all the time.

And yet you seem to clean up pretty well on the road. What are your must-haves when you're touring?
I'm so off-the-wall with my fashion and beauty stuff. Of course I love the expensive things that celebrities use, but being an indie band, you can't really afford those things all of the time. I love Lancome makeup, and if I'm on the road and I've forgotten an eyeliner or something like that, I love Rimmel.

To find out how Paris gets the smoke smell out of her hair, and for a video,


So when you play these smoky clubs, you probably have tons of cigarette smoke in your hair and clothes. Any secrets for getting rid of it?
I haven't really found the trick to getting the smoke smell out. After a hole-in-the-wall bar performance, I'll either put a lot of fabric softener sheets inside my suitcase. It makes the clothes smell fresh when they come out. And I definitely wash my hair a lot on tour. I have really long hair, but I always think my lead guitarist has me beat — he uses more hair products than I do.

I've got to ask you about your hair. It's a beautiful shade of blonde — do you do it yourself?
Thanks! I have a stylist in Atlanta. She keeps up with what's going on, and she's the first person I've gone to who doesn't want to chop it all off. I got back from England and saw all of these really cool short haircuts. I was like, "I want to chop it all off!" And she talked me into keeping it long rather than chopping it all off. Some stylists don't do that. I do highlight it, so I really trust only her with highlights. I'll come back home to see her, to get that done.

audreyxoxo audreyxoxo 9 years
i love lancome too. its not as expensive as other designer brands
Meka_suga Meka_suga 9 years
She's pretty. Music is boring though.
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