How does a celebrity know she's really made it? By winning an Oscar or a Grammy? Nah. It's all about being immortalized in wax by Madame Tussaud's. But because of oily skin, cosmetic procedures, or just plain nervousness, some stars seem to look like statues from time to time. Think you can guess which stars are posing and which ones are paraffin stand-ins? Take the quiz to find out!

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Is this the real Beyoncé, or is it a wax figure?

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What about Miley Cyrus? The real deal, or a replica?

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Is this the real Jessica Simpson? Or is it a paraffin twin?

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Is this Oprah the real McCoy — er, Winfrey? Or is it a wax replica?

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Is this the real-life Nicole Kidman, or a wax statue?

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Is this Cameron Diaz? Or a wax figure?

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Is this Victoria Beckham, or a Posh replica?

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Is this Christina Aguilera, or is it a wax replica?

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Is this Angelina? Or is it a wax replica of the hot mama?