Have you already taken yesterday's quiz on pronouncing beauty brands? If you need a little help with some of the trickier names (like Agent Provocateur, Shu Uemura and Decleor), look no further. Use this cheat sheet and you'll never hold your tongue again. For a list of phonetic fun, just

Agent Provocateur: ah-jen pro-vock-a-toor
Bourjois: boor-jwah
Caudalie: kow-dah-lee
Chantecaille: shan-teh-kigh
Chanel: sha-nell
Decleor: deh-klay-or
Dr. Hauschka: doctor howsh-kuh
Estee Lauder: ess-tay law-der
Frederic Fekkai: fray-day-reek feh-kigh
Guerlain: goor-lahn
Issey Miyake: ee-say mee-yah-kay
Kevyn Aucoin: kevin oh-kwan
Korres: core-rezz
Lancome: lahn-comb
Laura Mercier: laura mers-yay
L'Occitane: lox-ee-tahn
Nars: nahrs
Natura Bissé: nah-too-ra bees-say
RéVive: ray-veev
Shiseido: she-say-doe
Shu Uemura: shoe oo-eh-moor-ah (if you want to be really authentic, soften the R and make more of a D sound)
Stila: stee-lah
Tocca: toe-kah
Versace: verr-sa-chay
Yves Saint Laurent: eve sahn lorr-ahnn