The last surprise on my Parisian Chanel Excursion was going to Chanel Corporate and meeting with their Artistic Director, Jacques Helleu. Since joining the company in 1956, he has been responsible for making all of the mini Chanel films, choosing the muses for beauty and fragrance, overseeing all packaging designs and creating the striking J12 watch.

As we sat inside the office of such a distinguished man, we watched three versions of the latest Coco Mademoiselle film, and then were treated to a question-and-answer session. Although, most of us were too timid to ask more than one question—you should have heard the way he spoke to his wife when she called.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you some behind-the-scenes footage from the one-minute movie, and here is is the final cut. It was was directed by Joe Wright who most recently directed Keira Knightley in Atonement. As you watch, notice the symbols from Coco Chanel's apartment and the perfume bottle—which is the same shape as the parameters of Place Vendome. I think you'll really appreciate how all of the details come together. Enjoy the show!