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BellaSugar Tests Liquid Keratin 30 Day Straight Smooth Strong and Long Treatment

The Liquid Keratin Diaries: Part I


I've had Liquid Keratin ($69) on my to-try list for a while now, and its time has come. If you're unfamiliar with this product, the 30-day home treatment starter set should smooth, strengthen, soften, and give you frizz-free manageable hair that lasts up to six weeks . . . according to the box, that is. All of that sounded fantastic, so I was ready to test it out on my chemically relaxed tresses to see if those words rang true.

The first step requires washing hair only with the provided shampoo and spraying the treatment on damp hair afterward. After letting this sit for 30 minutes, hair must be blow-dried and flat-ironed to activate and seal in the treatment with heat. This was a change for me, as I usually commit to adding product and air-drying or blow-drying, so I was expecting my hair to get bigger by the moment. It actually was less poofy than it would have been normally so that's a good sign, right? Instead of taking you through all the notes I took along the way, find my major pros and cons from step one when you



  • Its mild, soapy smell was pleasant but not overwhelming.
  • The product is safe for colored, chemically treated, and different hair types and textures (with no formaldehyde).
  • My hair was noticeably softer afterward.


  • The treatment bottle's raindrop shape causes the pointy part to hit right between my thumb and forefinger while spraying . . . which meant after about a minute my hand was throbbing.
  • Sadly, for my hair texture, "softer" translated to fluffier with more flyaways. I can't say for certain if that's unique to my texture — I have thick but not coarse biracial hair — or just because of the variation from my normal routine.

A couple points to note: You can't put on any other products when blow-drying hair (heat protectant is built in) but this can be difficult if you're used to the serum-smooth look. So far my hair's looking OK, but nothing outstanding yet. However, you must wait 48 hours before washing hair again to neutralize the treatment and start to see the real results, so I'll be updating you again then!

30 Day Straight-Smooth-Strong & Long Treatment Starter Kit 1 kit
Buy Now See more Liquid Keratin Styling Products
30 Day Straight-Smooth-Strong & Long Treatment Starter Kit 1 kit
Buy Now See more Liquid Keratin Styling Products
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