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BellaSugar's Ultimate Hollywood Makeover With Ken Paves

Win a Makeover From Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves!

When A-list stars like Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham need amazing hair, they turn to one of Hollywood's hottest hairstylists: Ken Paves. And now, you could win a hair makeover with Ken himself! We're sending one lucky reader on an all-expenses-paid getaway to Los Angeles to receive a complete hair consultation and styling with Ken, a full makeover, and two luxurious nights at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel. Ken and the winner will also be featured in an upcoming BellaSugarTV show! Talk about the VIP treatment.

To enter, just like BellaSugar on Facebook and post your biggest hair challenge on our wall. (See, easy!) Watch our video to learn more about Ken, his high-profile clients, and the fabulous giveaway. Enter soon, because the contest ends Monday, Nov. 15! Good luck!

Official rules

macherieamourr macherieamourr 6 years
I would like to win this prize for it has been 5 years since I have had a change in my hair style, make-up, had a vacation or travel plans for even the weekend. I am dreadful with most glamour techniques now used in famous salons. Thanks for the contest and chance to enter.
jillyrh1 jillyrh1 6 years
My biggest hair challenge is trying to keep the frizz down.
Naddez Naddez 6 years
joyunconfined joyunconfined 6 years
My biggest hair challenge is that since it is INSISTED that I must keep my hair long (and I don't have a problem with that because I prefer my hair long), I'm rather limited on options for making it look like anything interesting. Especially since, being unemployed, I can't afford a regular appointment with a stylist to keep things in shape. A makeover would be a godsend for me!
Ladyd27 Ladyd27 6 years
I love being pampered especially by the best just like the next woman. But when I read through all these sad stories, regardless of my own issues, there are always so many women with terrible self esteem issues because of circumstances that have happened in their life beyond their control. As someone who, due to being subjected to the type of stress nobody should be forced to endure, I don't think I've had a day in the last 13 years that was pain free and I doubt I ever will. When I read the comment by Caitie64, I know EXACTLY how she feels. Not many people understand this horrific disease and the unbearable pain that one endures every minute of every day. Imagine having the worst case of food poisoning, being doubled over in agony, can't walk, can barely breathe, your a prisoner in your own home because your bathroom becomes your home, where going out with friends or on a date is impossible because at any minute, you could suffer an attack, you loose your hair, your skin is a mess, your electrolytes and your whole system is out of whack, where you lose all your friends because they don't understand your disease and get tired of you cancelling on them, where you look in the mirror and see a complete stranger looking back at you, the result of the ongoing attacks that eventually ravage your looks. And the most heartbreaking thing about Caitie64's story is not only does she minimize all the pain and suffering she goes through day after day, describing how she'd like to win after a bout of losing her hair, but she then minimizes her pain, requesting someone else get chosen. Just by looking at her picture, she's a beautiful girl who's clearly depressed and doesn't feel she deserves to win compared to some of the other entries. That's the helplessness of her disease talking. I know exactly as she feels because we suffer from the same thing.While a make over won't cure all her physical ailments, it will make her feel better and more confident and at least for that one day of pampering, she'll get out of her body mentally and enjoy this special gift of Queen for the day. I know we're not allowed to vote for someone to win but I hope you consider what I've said and know that this gift of beauty would mean more to her than you can possibly imagine.My fingers will be crossed that you choose Caitie64 as the winner of this contest.
ssalge ssalge 6 years
My hair is so thin and straight. It looks good in the morning after I style it, but 30 minutes later....flat. :(
BellaTorro BellaTorro 6 years
I would say styling my own hair I have curly hair everyone says its so lovely but I always have it in a bun or a ponytail I'm not all that girly always was a tomboy I'm getting older and I'm start loving my curly hair because its very exotic but I need help styling tips for bouncy soft curls I try too look online for ideas but not a lot of starts have naturally curly hair
Caitie64 Caitie64 6 years
Never mind, after reading the comments, I hope Ashfilm17 wins it, she deserves it more than me!
Caitie64 Caitie64 6 years
Any other way to enter? I'm going through facebook detox! I could really use it too, I'm recovering from my recent flare up with Crohn's Disease and my hair was falling out! It's finally coming back so it's thick again but my ends and breakage are terrible!
hooligan hooligan 6 years
I hate bad hair days!
KAdrock25 KAdrock25 6 years
My biggest hair challenge is that I have fine, wavy hair that goes limp within a few hours, no matter what styling products I use.
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