I don't know about you, but when I have a hangover — as many of your might on this Sunday morning — all I want to do is refuel with food, replenish my skin, and drink lots and lots of water. So I can really get behind this Borba Replenishing Hangover Recovery System ($45). The giftworthy kit includes Borba's age-defying facial cleanser, age-defying concentrate, silk fiber orbital eye rejuvenator, and age-defying day repair and night repair emulsions.

I've actually never tried any products from Borba, which makes edible beauty concoctions, like drink mixes and gummy candies, as well as facial scrubs and lotions that help your complexion. This handy kit might have to be my first Borba purchase. If you've tried any of the company's products, let me know what you think.