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Bellissima! Garren New York Fragrance For Hair

Picture this: You've got ten minutes before your guests arrive for your dinner party and you absolulely reek of saffron. Aah! There's no time to shower, but that doesn't mean you can't freshen up and get the cooking stench out of your hair. Garren New York, the mane man with more than 1,000 magazine covers to his credit, owner of Garren New York Salon and the current “Ask the Expert” columnist for Allure, has launched four hair fragrances.

These scents for your strands are a result of Garren being asked my many of his high-profile clientele for a product to refresh the smell of their hair in between blowouts. Not only do they liven up your locks, they also protect hair from UV rays while adding shine.

The hair fragrances, along with the ten other creative products in the Garren New York hair collection, are extremely delicate and contain essential vitamins, proteins and natural plant extracts to help cleanse, condition and style the hair.

They cost $35 each and are available in four scents: Golden Woods, Citrus Shimmer, Sheer Fig and Cattleya Orchid. To learn more about each of the hair fragrances,

  • Golden Woods is a light, clean and warm golden woods and citrusy unisex fragrance formulated to deliver long-lasting scent and luminous shine.
  • Citrus Shimmer is a fresh and fruity mandarin, glimmering greens and ivory musk unisex fragrance.
  • Sheer Fig is a beautiful and calming blend of dewy florals, airy fig and sheer woods.
  • Cattleya Orchid is a delicate fragrance made from orchids, yuzu and magnolia petals with a background of rainlily and sandalwood.
carolbob carolbob 10 years
Interesting concept, I'd love to smell it
Spectra Spectra 10 years
This sounds awesome. I know this sounds really shallow, but I actually make hair product decisions based on how they make my hair smell. I would totally wear this stuff if I had it. Because having hair that smells like hair is just not good enough ;)
extra-chica13 extra-chica13 10 years
mybluheaven mybluheaven 10 years
I wouldn't want it to clash with my perfume!
Hollisterbabe01 Hollisterbabe01 10 years
Sounds great! i agree with Glosslizard i would use it when i go camping!
dbellissimo3 dbellissimo3 10 years
actorgirl21 actorgirl21 10 years
being a smoker this product sounds wonderful! I hate smelling like my bad habit and if I get to spritz vitamins and nutrients in the process why not!
Glosslizard Glosslizard 10 years
This sounds like a real lifesaver in certain situations... I'd probably take it camping because I hate it when my hair smells like smoke from the campfire! The fig sounds fabulous!
LauriJon LauriJon 10 years
Hair fragrance, what a wonderful idea. Although I must confess, after I've been cooking before a siore, I usually just mist my hair with my perfume.
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