Now you can add Jemma Kidd's Semi-Permanent, Waterproof Eye Lash Color ($28.50) to the wide world of makeup stains. But unlike lip and cheek stains, this one is for your eyelashes. What's more, it's waterproof.

The semipermanent dye is lightweight and promises not to smudge, flake, or feather for 24 hours. It goes on like a mascara, and you should let it dry for a few moments before applying a second coat. One thing to be careful of: Don't let any product touch your skin or else it will stain your face — yuck.

To remove, just wet a cotton ball or Q-tip with an oil-based eye makeup remover and wipe along your lashes so that the color gets lifted away at the root. Lasting Tint is available in black only, but if it takes off, who knows what colors could come up?