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Benefit Cha Cha Tint Review and Picture 2011-04-26 12:25:33

Here's a Sneak Peek at Benefit's Latest Stain, Chachatint

Benefit's latest liquid lip and cheek stain isn't out until June, but here's a sneak peek at Chachatint. Like its predecessors, Benetint and Posietint, Chachatint ($29) is a liquid stain applied with a brush. This time, though, the hue is a slightly shimmery mango; it's not quite coral, but closer to the orange family than its pink and red sister tints. See before-and-after pictures of Chachatint.

Here I am at left, looking highly alert and awake (and not at all sarcastic!) without makeup. I applied a few dots of Chachatint on both lips and cheeks, and the result is shown at right. Like all of Benefit's tints, this one requires fairly quick blending to ensure even color, but the end result looks natural. I love sneaky products that make it seem like I'm not wearing makeup, so this is going to be in my makeup kit come June and beyond.

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