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Introducing the Holy Grail of Gel Eyeliners — No Brush Needed!

Jun 26 2014 - 1:00pm

UPDATE Worried that you won't be able to get the liner when it first hits shelves? Get in line — online that is — to reserve your own pen before it hits stores at TheLinetoFine.com [1].

Life is hard. So, understandably, your eyeliner shouldn't be. Whether you're looking to master a straight line along your top lashes or sport a cat eye, this makeup step can feel challenging. Over five million Youtube tutorials are dedicated to mastering this look — meaning it's a huge conundrum in the beauty world. Women will always be curious about the best way to line their eyes!

Gel liner is the gold standard when it comes to lining your eyes, because it doesn't smudge (usually) and creates clean lines. But given you often need a brush for application, it can go from a simple flick to a surefire disaster in just a few seconds.

Well, hold on to your lashes, ladies, because this new liner is going to change lives. As I type this, three of my co-workers are waiting patiently in line to get a little liner action.

Benefit Cosmetics wanted to tackle the "biggest beauty bitch" of all time, according to Annie Ford Danielson. She and her sister, Maggie — the sisters, daughters, and nieces behind Benefit's cheeky brand — spent five years creating a liner that would be easy to use, whether you're 16 or 67.

Thus, Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner Pen ($24) was born. Yes, it's a part of the They're Real line, which is practically like being born into the royal family of makeup. At the launch party in Los Angeles, I can't tell you how many times I heard "this is a game changer!"

Here's why:


Bonus: the gel liner in the pen is waterproof, so it's not going to smudge at a music festival or pool party. The Benefit pros created a remover, too, which rivals a cleansing balm. It's superhydrating and not oily at all. 

Mark your calendars — They're Real Push-Up Liner Pen and remover debuts worldwide on June 27th at benefitcosmetics.com [2].

Playing around with the pen this morning. My routine just got easier!

The They're Real family now includes mascara, eyeliner and a waterproof makeup remover.

AccuFlex™ Tip

The tip is flexible and feels like silicone — not felt — so it glides easily on the eyelid.

Sarah, Executive Assistant

Sarah opted for a subtle wing. Both eyes only require two pumps of the liner.

Abby, Talent Coordinator

The dark pigment and smooth consistency allows the liner to glide along the lash line.

Vanessa, Senior Producer

Works great even if you aren't into a cat eye!

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