At the Fall 2008 fashion shows, lipstick was more popular than lip gloss by far. It's a little early to slip into cool-weather fashion, but a creamy lipstick works any time of year.

Benefit has just launched Full-Finish Lipstick, and the texture is great. You know how some lipsticks pull on your lips a bit, or they just don't go on evenly? Not the case with these; they glide on easily and evenly, leaving my lips feeling smooth and moisturized. If you're looking for a new lipstick, it's worth taking a look at these. To see two colors — including one that is pretty much a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie's signature shade —


So here are two radically different shades, but I love both of them. On the left is Lady's Choice, a nude shade that seems very Angelina, no? It's great for that nude, no-makeup look, and it balances a smoky eye really well. On the other hand, there's Flirt Alert, a candy-apple red. It's a lot of color, but it dresses up a tee and jeans like nothing else. Do either of these strike your fancy?