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Bernhard Willhelm's Makeup For Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week

Bernhard Willhelm Does Some Serious Gender Bending

Designer Bernhard Willhelm made his Paris Fashion Week show extremely memorable with models who gave the phrase "dude looks like a lady" a whole new meaning. On one side, models had demure, pulled-back hair and typically feminine makeup. But on the other, they looked more like Captain Jack Sparrow. Other models had half-mime, half-cartoon, or half-checkerboard faces as well. It was all very Victor/Victoria (or Two Face, if you prefer Batman to Julie Andrews), but Willhelm is known for his lavish, unconventional shows, so this is par for the course.

Last year, his menswear show centered on mostly nude bodybuilders, and past presentations have involved live science experiments, headdresses made from arugula, and gold spray-painted bananas worn as headbands. Paris sometimes seems like a contest to see which designer can be the most outlandish, and so far this year, Bernhard Willhelm is winning.

Image Source: WireImage
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