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Best Antiaging Skin Care For Women Over 30

How Savvy 30-Year-Old Women Keep Their Skin Fresh Without Botox

Best Antiaging Skin Care For Women Over 30

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Turn 30, visit a derm. So has been the case for the majority of my friends as we cross from 29 into our fourth decade of life. It seems with this milestone birthday that a level of fear settles in: Will I instantly start aging? (No.) Will my face and hands start to wrinkle like prunes? (Also no.) Will my appearance change? (Probably a little — but it happens very slowly over time, and it's not a big deal).

For the record, right before I turned the big 3-0, I thought the apocalypse was coming. And then I calmed the F down, and I realized being a woman in her 30s in 2016 is awesome! We are smarter (we actually remember to wear SPF every day), we're more successful, and we have more confidence than we did in our teens and 20s. And with that wisdom comes intelligent skin care choices. After all, your skin is your largest organ, so you need to take care of it for health reasons!

The women featured here decided to forgo freezing and injecting their faces (meaning, they did not get cosmetic surgeries or Botox) in the name of looking youthful. Though Botox is a rampant fad in dermatology, it doesn't mean it's the superior antiaging or preventative method for all.

When I recently interviewed Jennifer Aniston, who is 47 and stunning, she confirmed that she does not get Botox. "The muscles and our faces need to move. . . . If I don't go to the gym forever and my legs, my glutes, and my quads don't move, eventually they start to atrophy, which means they lose their natural ability to be strong," she said. "If anything, you want the muscles in your face to sort of tighten and move. Get facial massages or there are great lasers now — they have microcurrent, radio frequency, and all of these things that actually work out the muscles as opposed to freeze them. You don't want to freeze your muscles; you want to activate your muscles. People buy into Botox as a quick fix or magic bullet, but you want to be able to move the muscles in your face like you move your muscles in your body. If you don't move them, atrophy starts to set in and then skin gets saggy when the goal is to be up and lifted!"

Since we don't all have Hollywood budgets and access to get top facial treatments, I polled real women on how they take care of their skin (I've also included my own regimen). They've included philosophies and favorite antiaging products. It's not too late to say #notox to Botox.

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