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The Best Bar Soaps

Back to Basics: The Best Bar Soaps

Despite the plethora of body washes and fancy-scented soaps that I have in my bathroom cabinet, there's just something about old-school bar soaps that's appealing. Although they can be a bit drying on my face (I know, heaven forbid my face actually touches a bar soap), they make my body feel fresh and clean. Also, call me a sap, but they remind me of my parents' house where I grew up. Below are three of my favorite no-frills body bars that have a long-standing great reputation. What's your favorite bar soap?

Dove Beauty Bar ($1.49) lathers easily and has a refreshing scent, but what I love most is that it washes away completely and leaves my skin feeling smooth without leaving behind any of that oily after-effect. Also, the price really can't be beat — and it gets even lower per bar if you buy it in bulk.

Zum Bar Rosemary Goat's Milk Soap ($5.30) has an amazing and invigorating herbal, spa-like essence. It is made from all-natural ingredients and is super gentle on my skin. It cleanses deep within my pores and never ever makes me feel dry and crackly.

For one last oldie but goodie bar soap,


Ivory soap (3 bars for $1.39) is a classic of its own kind. It's inexpensive, it smells great, and it brings me back full-circle to my childhood. In fact, to this day my mom still showers with Ivory. Unfortunately, this is one product that doesn't bode well on my face (it's just a tad too drying), but my body always responds well. It's never caused any irritations or blotchiness in all these years!

Porterleau Porterleau 9 years
FYI - any bar soap that has "Sodium Tallowate" ... ie.. Dove, Olay, etc... has made with beef fat.
gildedgirl gildedgirl 9 years
I've been using Ivory my entire life and I still love it. I've tried many other things but I always return to Ivory for something I can trust. It also takes stains out of clothes better than many bar soaps.
bunsushi bunsushi 9 years
My friends have a running joke about my obsession with bar soaps. That is because I have a wall in my bathroom devoted to my collection. It has gotten bad, though it makes me a very easy person to get presents for! My favorite soaps ever have come from a craft fair in Spearfish, SD. I can't remember the name, but you reorder soaps via a pamphlet and mail a not the easiest to get. I love handmade soaps, especially with some lavender buds to help exfoliate. Right now I'm living in Philadelphia and am a frequent customer at Duross & Langel (buy Mighty Aphrodite) which is mostly glycerine. I like L'Occitane Verbena and Crabtree and Evelyn soaps for scents.
runningesq runningesq 9 years
Anything from LUSH!! :)
terryt18 terryt18 9 years
Well you gotta have some fat in there to make soap. Remember in Fight Club how he sold soap made from liposuctioned fat?
JeannieGrrl JeannieGrrl 9 years
It may sound nuts but I use Baby Dove. My skin is really sensitive and I usually use foam cleansers but one night I grabbed my son's baby soap because I was in a rush and it was amazing! Gentle, thorough and just silky smooth!
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 9 years
I <3 Dove products! I use their soap bar, deodarant and hair conditioner.
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 9 years
I <3 Dove products! I use their soap, deodarant, and hair conditioner.
misformargaret misformargaret 9 years
One thing to note is that most of these bar soaps get their moisturizing properties from sodium tallowate, which is made from animal fat. It doesn't seem so luxurious and lovely if you remember that.
magalaya magalaya 9 years
Ivory! It's the only bar soap that doesn't irritate my skin (I have really sensitive skin on my body, it rashes out when things are too strong or too fragranced).
omilawd omilawd 9 years
Tone bars. It smells so good and is pretty moisturizing.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Whenever my mom goes back to Taiwan to visit, she brings me back this amazing bar soap. It's a deep clear green, is gently fragrant, and cleanses my face without drying it out or leaving any gross residue. I'll ask her what it's called and post it here :)
fredonica fredonica 9 years
My favorite bar soaps are Kiss My Face-Olive & Aloe and Dr. Bronner's-Peppermint. They both fit nicely into my price range (under $4/bar) and I love that they're natural (I hate weird/icky ingredients in anything that goes near my body.
fiddleleaffig fiddleleaffig 9 years
I shudder at the thought of using a bar soap on my face. :O
ElisabethR ElisabethR 9 years
I love LUSH soaps too -- my favorite is their sea vegetable. It's soooo good to use in the morning!
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Dove, Olay, and Caress are the best! I've never been a fan of Ivory. I don't like the way it smells.
glofriend glofriend 9 years
I'm a Dove and Olay girl! Both for sensitive skin. I also like Shiseido's glycerin soap and Neutrogena Rainsilk and Sesame oil.
sweet-feet sweet-feet 9 years
i like the dove bar soaps. i'm using the green cucumber cooling makes me feel cleaner and fresher versus the pouff and body wash.
chiquita29 chiquita29 9 years
I love LUSH bar soaps. I also really like the soaps at Sabon. And every year when I go to the Renaissance festival I buy the handmade soaps. My fave is the almond.
mizz_jennii mizz_jennii 9 years
I love Dove bar soap! It's always stocked in my house and my mom's linen beauty cabinet. I still use Ivory from time to time, however it tends to dry out my skin :(
kwikwit kwikwit 9 years
I swear by Dove soap!!! That and Jergens original scent (cherry almond) lotion is my daily reginment for my body. Of course neither touches my face! I spend a king's ransom, I swear, on face products...washes, exfoliators, serums, lotions, sunscreen, bronzers, etc.
Frenched Frenched 9 years
I've been considering switching back to bar soaps just because body washes can get a bit boring after a while and yes, because they remind me of living at my parents house, too!
teegaall teegaall 9 years
Safeguard is my bar soap of choice
puddlesworth puddlesworth 9 years
*Never* use Jergens bar soap, I bought some because it was really cheap and in a few days my skin was dry and cracking and peeling.
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