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Best Beauty Tips From BellaSugar

BellaSugar's Top Five Getting-Ready Beauty Tips

No, I don't shake up a martini every morning, but I do make a cocktail of sorts during my daily getting-ready routine.

Throughout my time in the beauty scene, I've chatted with hairdressers galore and makeup artists aplenty. So, check out this list to see which professional beauty tidbits become such favorites, I now use them every single day:

  • Cocktail hour — To get the results I want from my hairstyle, I mix up a "cocktail" of two to three hair products while my hair is damp. One of my favorites is to create a blend of light-hold gel, a shine serum, and a styling lotion. The effect is smooth, healthy-looking hair that stays where I want it.
  • Magic wand — Instead defining my eyebrows by filling sparse areas in with a brow pencil, I use a disposable mascara wand instead. Lightly apply the brow pencil (or eyeliner) to the wand itself, then brush over brows for a fool-proof, enhanced look.
  • Warm it up — I add just the slightest amount of liquid bronzer to foundation for a warm, soft, and shimmery glow. This is also a great way to darken foundation that might be just a shade lighter than you'd like.
  • Splish-splash — After I'm done applying my makeup, I spritz on a little toner. Not only does it feel refreshing, but it sets my makeup, while giving a hint of dewiness. It's also the perfect time to blend any areas that need to be softened with a makeup sponge.
  • Ready, Steady, Go — To set my eyeliner, I gently use an eyeliner brush to tap an eye shadow of the same color over the liner. The results? Eye makeup that lasts all day.


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