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The Best Blusher For Your Skin Tone: Fair Skin

Thanks to the help of Jane Richardson, an expert makeup artist for Nars, I've created another great BellaSugar series on the various shades of blush that are best suited for fair, medium, yellow-toned, olive and ebony skin.

The first thing to consider when choosing a blush is to try and match it with your natural flush. So after you've gotten out of the shower, or after you've just exercised, take a long look at your face. Next, look at the undertones of your skin. If they are rosy or pink, you'll want to err on the side of neutrals so that your blush isn't too overpowering.

Nars Blush in Amour ($25) is made from very sheer pigments that create a soft look. The blush can be layered for depth and contouring. Amour is a a peachy-pink hue that will give skin an innocent flush. It creates a warm and healthy glow that won't look too heavy or cakey on your cheeks.

For two more blushes for fair skin,

Aloette Cheek Color Powder & Compact in Stardust ($18.50) is a pink hue with a matte finish to control shine for a polished result. The long-lasting formula comes in a deep compact for added protection from breakage!

Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Cupid ($18.50) is a silky soft formula that blends well and creates a really natural finish. It's oil-free, the color is true to the packaging and it even comes with a mini brush for quick and easy application. Cupid is a soft pinky brown—a terrific neutral for those with a light complexion with rosy undertones.

Join The Conversation
bennettdeirdre bennettdeirdre 5 years
I love the NARS blush! The colors look great on everyone just don't apply too much. It is soooo pretty that you will want to keep it on.   more info:
red4bonez red4bonez 9 years
the narsh looks good. I dont know about the clinique it looks too purple. I have one of the cliniques blush but it is rosy pink, it looks good.
AZ-Desert-Rat AZ-Desert-Rat 10 years
I went to the Aloette website, and found out that the blush is actually called Rosedust, one of the consultants verified that for me. Just in case you were going to go out and order I thought I'd let you all know!
tysontysonxv tysontysonxv 10 years
Smashbox "Proof Sheet" is my favorite blush ever. I have SUCH a hard time finding the right blush for me. My skintone is pretty fair, but I'm between undertones, and this worked perfectly.
Katiefrog Katiefrog 10 years
I'm very pale, a natural redhead, no freckles, and I use Nars Orgasm and I love it. I think it is truly a color that flatters everyone.
Pepper Pepper 10 years
Nars Amour is divine.
smart-blonde smart-blonde 10 years
I'm Malfoy-pale, and my new favorite is Tarte cheek stain in Dollface. Bobbi Brown suggests in her Teenage Beauty book that pale ladies wear light/baby pink blush, and she's right, it looks great! I have several NARS blushes, including the perfect Orgasm, but I'll have to try Amour now.
janemast janemast 10 years
If you have really pale skin like I do, I would suggest Benefit Dandelion. It's amazing. It's the best blush I've ever used.
chufang151 chufang151 10 years
I have nars orgasm blush. i love it. it gives you that added glow!
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
I'll have to try that Clinique blush, I love Clinique! :)
ALSW ALSW 10 years
I like the Alouette blush there - mainly because of the matte feature. But I love my Maybelline stick blush!
mlen mlen 10 years
i use dandelion by benefit and its great. but i've always heard nars orgasm is awesome!
blondebombshell blondebombshell 10 years
Def. getting that Nars blush, great tip!!
CamillaCat CamillaCat 10 years
I normally don't wear blush, but I would try the Nars blush, thanks!
quietriott quietriott 10 years
is it weird that when i work out i get even more pale? i go from being super fair to just looking completely washed out and vampirish, even after an hour or two of hard-core cardio and training.
ald7077 ald7077 10 years
Thanks for the advice. I have the fairest of fair skin (not quite Dita von Teese, but close), and it's hard to find makeup that isn't overpowering. I'll have to check this out!
urbngirl urbngirl 10 years
Nars is one of my favorite makeup brands. I have this blush in Amour and I truly love it! It gives a nice, peachy warmth to my olive complexion.
oriav9 oriav9 10 years
Nars is gggrrreeeaatt.
hollygo4405 hollygo4405 10 years
I bought Nars 'Orgasm' blush awhile ago and it is one of the best products ever. (and I'm a long time Clinique gal)
glam-sugar glam-sugar 10 years
Those are gorgeous powders! Right now I'm using a gel based blush, Dollface by Tarte and that looks good with my fair skin too. But I may just have to try that Clinique shade...
doubleuendy doubleuendy 10 years
yea the nars one looks really pretty. i use Stilla color Hint and have been for years now. so far its the best color on my fair skin.
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 10 years
Is there a bella post on how to determine your undertones? I'm sure I've seen one. I can never decide which undertones I have.
Maria84 Maria84 10 years
I love clinique makeup.
audreystar audreystar 10 years
i love nars!
rb24 rb24 10 years
I use Sue Devitt RANA. Its a gel base that goes on your face so smoothly it spreads so you don't have to worry about not being able to adjust it. During the summer when its so hot I just use an SPF tinted moisturizer and my rana blush. It makes me look great and not have it all melt off
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