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Best Detox Beauty Products

How to Detox Your Skin After Eating and Drinking Too Much This Holiday Season

Best Detox Beauty Products
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / RC Rivera

I'll be the first to admit that I make many "mistakes" when it comes to my skin. I try to be "good" during the week by eating "clean" and avoid triggers for breakouts like dairy (known to inflame acne) and sugar. And I hit that skincare checklist of washing my makeup off every night (often double cleansing), sleeping on a silk pillowcase (better for avoiding fine lines), and doing a five-step product ritual (cleanser, essence, serum, face cream, eye cream).

That said, put a bubbling slice of New York pizza or a whipped-frosting cupcake or salty margarita in front of me, and you can bet I am indulging. Often that party diet coupled with extra after-work affairs during November and December's soirée season leaves me blochy, broken out, and skipping steps in my skincare routine.

So yes, I am a beauty editor, and I am far from perfect when it comes to keeping my skin *flawless*. Thank the product gods, because there is a whole category of detoxifying formulas meant to help when you can't even. Here, I've rounded up a complete collection of hair, skin, and body goodies that will help you feel and look better if you wake up totally hungover with a food baby!

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