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Best Eyebrow Kits

BellaSugar’s Top Picks For Eyebrow Kits

Is it just me, or did eyebrows suddenly become the big beauty thing? It used to be that you'd use your favorite brown or taupe shadow to fill in thin or light hairs and add structure to your face. Now, kits are available in all sizes and prices. Some include tweezers, brushes, stay-proof waxes and multi-color shadows, while others have fewer bells and whistles but still get the job done. Below are my personal favorite eyebrow kits; what are yours?

  • Anastasia Brow Ex-press in Brunette ($38) is one of my favorites. Her tweezers are amazingly precise and I really like being able to blend all of these colors without having to spend a fortune.
  • Le Sourcil de Chanel ($46.60) has a thick, waxy texture that blends surprisingly well, and leave it Chanel to choose just the right combo of colors to suit just about any brow color.
  • Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit ($35) has an unbelievable price for all it includes. Inside of the pink polka-dot box comes two powder shades, molding wax, stencil, mini-tweezers, mirror, brown pencil with a blending tip and an angled brush.
  • Ramy Beauty Therapy Miracle Brow ($28) is near and dear to my heart because it's the first brow kit I ever used. The creamy gel texture blends like silk and leaves your brows not only darker but also well groomed — this is a winner!
  • DuWop Browwow in Darker ($34) is small, but it does the trick every time. Inside of the pink compact lies a colored powder, a shimmery highlighter and a tinted gloss to use when you're finished and a double sided brush for precise application and flawless blending.
Join The Conversation
SATClover SATClover 9 years
Amber: So what are all of the different colors for?
nals33 nals33 9 years
I loooove my Brow Zings! Is Brow Zings reeeeally being discontinued??! If so, then I'm in the market for a new eyebrow kit..So I'll have to check these out. :)
ChristinaMUFE ChristinaMUFE 9 years
Can never get over Smashbox Brow Tech!!!
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
SATClover - way better than a pencil. Check them out where you can sample the product, I think you'll be amazed at these kits compared to the old fashion pencil.
mcollazo mcollazo 9 years
I have the Anastasia one but this is the one that my brow place uses and I bought this one for myslef and this is my most fav of all. It is from Lizette Cosmetics and you can order it online or I go to a place called Merle Norman. This is a franchise salon that you might have in your town. This is $30
xoxoxx xoxoxx 9 years
Brow Zings are being discontinued ladies...snag them up for $22. And the Get Even powder...check it!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
I have been wanting the Anastascia Brow Ex-press for awhile now, I hope to buy it soon.
emalove emalove 9 years
If I was going to purchase one of these, I'd probably go with the Anastasia one...
SATClover SATClover 9 years
I've never seen anything like this for eyebrows! I'm confused what all that stuff does (besides the tweezers obviously). I mean it looks like eyeshadow and lip gloss in those kits but that's obviously not what it it the equivalent of an eyebrow pencil?
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 9 years
I've been using the Urban Decay Brow Box for several months, and before that I was using a brown shadow, but I don't recall doing anything to my brows more than maybe 2 years ago... it does seem to be something of a recent phenomenon.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
BE brow kit for me. And I agree brows are big beauty - you look silly when they are not done properly.
kelliegonzo kelliegonzo 9 years
Brow Zings, cannot live without it, especially since my brows are naturally too short.
ilikeatea ilikeatea 9 years
Smashbox Brow-tech is awesome.
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 9 years
I like the Urban Decay brow box, but I'm not so keen on the wax.... I felt like my eyebrows are unruly enough...
simplyroses simplyroses 9 years
I'm partial to the LORAC Take a Brow set. It has two colors, a wax, and a small brush AND it's very compact. I can throw it into my makeup bag and go. The other sets, while they look great tend to be too much packaging for just your brows. :)
sldc sldc 9 years
Ack typos again. I shouldn't post while groggy. Ah, vacations. Oh, and eyebrows have always been super important to me. I just do not hardly pluck them anymore.
hanako66 hanako66 9 years
I find that benefit, brow zings in medium are the best for me...they have a bit of waxiness to it which helps hold the shape
sldc sldc 9 years
I use the Smashbox Browtech and really like it, but the Benefit eyebrow kit is a really solid choice. I just find the colour for blondes a little too warm for my me.
pywacket pywacket 9 years
Love the Smashbox. I have naturally light blonde brows and they aren't super full so the waxy ones just make a smudgie mess. The Smashbox is super soft and powdery, instead of hard like so many, and works great on me. The only pencil that works for me is the Lancome powder pencil because it is super smooth and the color doesn't grab.
austerity austerity 9 years
Cool, I'll have to check these out. My brows go haywire if I leave them alone for as little as 2 weeks.
star54 star54 9 years
The Chanel Perfect Brows is definitely my all time fave. I've been using if for a few years now and it works great. The tweezers that it comes with are easily the best I've ever used... they'll grab any hair no matter how small. Just yesterday I placed an order with Smashbox, and I picked up their Browtech in Taupe. I've heard good things about it, so I thought I'd give it a try.
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