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Now You Can Have Perfect Nails — Forever

Frequent fake nail wearers behold: unbreakable, reusable fake nails that are personalized, so they adhere perfectly to your nail bed and are exactly the length and shape you like. Dallas-based Custom Nail Solutions has patented a system for making falsies out of thermo-plastic. The end result won't stain, is super tough, and doesn't degrade when you use acetone on it. It's the Terminator of fake-nail systems, and it's not any more expensive than two full sets of gels. To learn more about what, exactly, these nails are, just keep reading.

I'm a lifelong biter, so this sounds pretty great to me (especially given the fact that I'm always breaking off my overlays), but other people pointed out that there might be some issues with the system.

  1. The Custom Nails can damage your natural nails.
  2. You can get fungus and infections under them.
  3. If you think this might be an alternative to exposing yourself to the chemicals in acrylics and gels, Custom Nails still require adhesive and a "de-bonding agent" whenever you want to take them off.

Given the number of bad experiences I've had with nail techs over the years, the amount of damage I already do to my nails on my own, and the cost of maintaining gels that break off constantly, I'm tempted to try these. I don't know that they're a good solution for those who don't cannibalize their nails, but for nibblers like myself and those who have permanent nail damage, either from trauma or fungus, these seem pretty appealing. Plus, I could really get behind a version for toenails.

GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I think I will pass on these. My natural nails is super delicate and it will not hold up with these.
coopersmithpr coopersmithpr 6 years
I handle PR for Custom Nail Solutions and have some answers for you and your readers. (THANK YOU for the coverage, too!) 1. Any time you put something on your body, there's the possibility for damage. That said, Custom Nail Solutions are definitely a healthier alternative to other types of artificial nails, because all you really need is a small drop of non-toxic adhesive to put them on. There's no need for the heavy filing, grinding or harsh chemicals involved with acrylics, for example. These nails don't destroy your natural nails like acrylics and gels can. 2 - Fungus and infections are a legitimate concern for acrylic wearers, because you've got the acrylic glued to your nails for many months at a time. Since these custom nails are removable and reusable, you take them off every few weeks (at the longest) - allowing your natural nails to breathe and allowing you to thoroughly clean and reposition the nails, greatly reducing the likelihood that you'll have any problems with nasty things growing underneath them. 3 - You're correct. There are still some chemicals involved. Otherwise, how would the nails stay on your fingers? However, each nail only requires a small amount of non-toxic adhesive (and nothing compared to the chemicals and grinding that you subject yourself to with gels and acrylics). Here's a press release that outlines more details: I'm happy to answer any additional questions you or your readers have.
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