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Celebrity makeup artist and Vanitymark Cosmetics founder Brett Freedman has been guest blogging on BellaSugar for the past two months, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Thank you for your amazing advice and top tips, Brett, and we look forward to seeing your work on red carpets everywhere! With that said, we're proud to present Brett's last column, for which we know you'll be all a-flutter.

Long, lush lashes. Who doesn't want them? With the trend toward brighter lips and sparser eye, a vivid lash line is even more important. So many gals ask me about amping up their flutter with faux lashes. It's actually pretty easy. Here's my technique to give your peepers a little extra pop. See how Brett gets it right every time when you read more.

1. Individual or strip? Well, this depends on what you are trying to achieve. Generally I like to use individuals just on the outer corners to give eyes a bit of extra interest. For evenings or events that require a little extra glam, I go for strips. The good thing about individuals is that you can use just a few to fill in spots and thicken/lengthen. The bad thing is that they are one length, so you may even have trouble with the shorter ones once you start dropping them in toward the middle. You don't want that "jump" from the short lashes toward near the tear duct to the longer fake lash. Strip lashes, however, are graduated, so they are shorter on the strip that is closer to your inner eye, and longer as they fan out toward the outer corner.


2. Buying the perfect fringe: For individual lashes, I love Ardell's in short brown. Even the short are longer than most gals' natural lashes. The biggest mistake women make is buying the medium. They are good to have if you already have very long lashes, or to sweeten the outer corners of a lash line you've played up with the short. In all my years I've done makeup, I've come across maybe three actresses that needed just the medium because their natural lash line has such length. Vanessa Hudgens is one of them. Her lashes are so long that the short didn't even show up.

2a. I like the brown because: It's softer and looks most natural for day, but with a swipe of mascara you can bold them up for evening. When buying strip lashes you want to get a set with "invisibands," which are threaded very finely at the base. A thick band seems like a good idea because it's like getting extra eyeliner, but it's actually a big problem. The fuller band is stiffer than the clear thread, so it's difficult to stay flush with the lash line at the inner and outer corners. You've seen this before: they look great, but you can see the band of their lashes edged up on the ends. You want people to say you have great eyes, not great fake lashes!

2b. Buy a size that seems a little sparse: Remember, they are blending with your own lashes, so they will double in size. That's enough — trust. Andrea Mod Lashes in #21 is a great all-around faux lash.

3. Glue: I like Duo in Dark. It goes on gray and dries black. It also blends with makeup easier once dry.

4. Applying: I do faux lashes last. I treat them like icing on a cake. So I do an entire face and eyes (including curling and mascara), and pop on the lashes after.

This is my last post for my eight-week run. It's been so fun, and great connecting with all of you!

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