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10 Looks You Should Try Before Summer Ends

Aug 11 2011 - 4:10am

Summer's last few precious weeks are ahead, and before we get around to the serious business of the next season, there are some truly gorgeous trends from the last couple months that you shouldn't miss out on. Whether you love easy, pretty hair or need to give the neon trend a chance before it goes back to ground, make sure you don't make it to September without giving these 10 hair and makeup looks a try.

A Garland

Garlands and wreaths are having quite a moment, and they're such a perfect way to fulfill any latent fairy or medieval princess fantasies you may have been harboring since before the Berlin Wall fell. It's no wonder Lily Donaldson looked genuinely excited to be wearing this one at the Anna Sui show. Carpe diem, ladies.

Blue Eye Shadow

No, you will not look country like Arlene from True Blood. Blue eye shadow makes your eyes look brighter, and it's the perfect poolside color. Instead of spreading it over your entire lid, use it only on the outer corners of your eyes like this look at Douglas Hannant. That way, you'll definitely avoid any '80s hair metal flashbacks.

A Messy Bedhead Braid

We've all gone utterly mad for braids, but easy, sexy bedhead like this look from Lela Rose is fated to fade with the last days of August sun, replaced with the new season's sleeker, more complicated braids. Take advantage of this simple, sexy look before all the gorgeous but time-consuming braids start popping up in September.

A Pretty Vintage Updo

Summer in my mind's eye is always full of sundresses and hair like this look from Luca Luca. Pretty rolled-back or braided styles keep the hair off your face and neck, and they also just look great.

Neon Eyeliner

This look from Doo.Ri is an excellent example of why ultra-bright eyeliner is such a cool makeup idea. If the color is sheer enough, the boldness of the color just enhances eyes, not weights them down. Neons are definitely a warm weather thing, though, so get your fix before the leaves start falling.

A Bright, Beachy Manicure

Prabal Gurung showed off these gorgeous "French" manicures at his show, and you definitely shouldn't miss the chance to wear juicy coral or sweet, creamy peach.

A Messy Center Part

Center parts can be hippie chic, mod, or even reminiscent of the Renaissance, but easy styles like this one at Derek Lam look best when it's hot.

A Big, Old-Fashioned Hat

This look from Erin Fetherston makes the retro sexiness of a big hat abundantly apparent. They make any hairstyle look great, they protect you from sun damage, and they make you look like the heroine in a movie from the 1940s. What more could a girl ask for?

Unconventional Mascara

Gold, turquoise, violet, emerald—these are the mascara colors of the season, and as you can see from this Rodarte look, they play up eyes without any other makeup to complement them. Try an unusual shade for days when you want a little extra pop but don't have time for shadow.

Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick is one of those surprisingly flattering things, and there's a color out there that looks great on everyone. If the pale, blond model at J. Mendel can pull the shade off, you know people with a little more in the way of melanin can do it. It's more casual than red lipstick, and it's great for daytime wear. Once warm weather's gone, though, you can kiss it goodbye until next year.

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