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Best Moisturizers and Exfoliators | Fall 2013

All the Beauty Tubs You Need For Fall

The following post was written by Elizabeth Mayce who blogs at Love. Life. Beauty. and is part of POPSUGAR Select Beauty.

September can be a hit or miss month in terms of weather, but one thing is for sure: Fall and Winter are right around the corner. I personally love Fall. I love decorating my apartment, snuggling in my sweaters and blankets, and cooking hearty soups. One thing I can do without, however, is the effect changing seasons has on my skin and hair. 

Colder weather usually means dry skin, chapped lips, static hair, and dry scalp. Guess what? It doesn't have to be that way. I have a few Fall beauty tips to keep yourself looking fresh and ready to go — not drab and blah. Read on for more.


Lips: I always notice the weather change with my lips first. I make sure I exfoliate regularly and use lip balm 24/7. I love Sara Happ's The Lip Scrub in Brown Sugar ($24). Also, one thing I do nightly is make sure I apply a ton of lip balm before falling asleep; you'll wake up with super soft and hydrated lips.

Face and body: It's also easier to keep your face hydrated than you think — just a few additions and swapping of products, and you're good to go. Start by exfoliating your face and entire body regularly. For face, one of my favorites is Lush Ocean Salt ($36). I know what you may be thinking: a salt scrub could dry out already-dry Winter skin. Well, this product contains coconut oil and avocado, so you stay hydrated and radiant. For a body scrub, my favorite is Trish McEvoy's Blackberry and Vanilla Musk Sugar Scrub ($55). It's so incredibly hydrating and smells amazing, and while a little pricey, it's definitely worth it.

In terms of an a.m./p.m. moisturizer, depending on your skin, you may want to switch it up to target dry skin. You don't necessarily want a thicker formula, but if you talk to someone in skin care, they may suggest a moisturizer with better ingredients suited toward the season.

Another big thing for the changing of the seasons is switching to using body butter after the shower. I use a light lotion during the Spring and Summer, but I always make sure I use a super thick and hydrating body butter when it's cold out. I love any of The Body Shop options because the formulas are great and the scents are wonderful.

Hair: Moving on to hair, I make sure I keep my scalp hydrated by doing more hair masks. Lush's H'Suan Wen Hua ($21), made with banana, avocado, and olive oil, is amazing and leaves my scalp hydrated and feeling fresh. I'm thinking of trying out Lush's Superbalm ($20) as well this year, which is basically an ointment in case my scalp gets really dry.

You don't need to make huge changes in your skin care and hair routine when the seasons change, but just a little tweaking of your regimen will keep you hydrated and happy, and will avoid any skin issues that could pop up in the cold weather. We all have much more important things to do during the Fall and Winter seasons!

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