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Best Natural Hair Bloggers

10 Natural Hair Bloggers Who Will Unleash Your #CurlEnvy

When I decided to stop chemically straightening my hair after years with a perm, I turned to the blossoming natural hair community on YouTube and Instagram for styling solutions. There, I found girls galore who used the Internet to share tips and product recommendations for kinky, coil-y strands.

It felt like I was part of a new exclusive club, and since watching my first flat-twist tutorial, I've been a committed member. I can admit to canceling my Saturday night plans to spend time perfecting my braid-out or running late for work because my wash-and-go attempt ended in an epic fail (and a hat).

Over the years, I've watched #teamnatural grow into a big business. Some of my favorite bloggers have turned millions of followers into money-making beauty deals. Naptural85 (my personal curl crush) was just featured in Carol's Daughter's ad campaign! These Afro gurus have become the new example for black female entrepreneurs.

Whether you're just starting your transition to natural hair or looking for protective style inspiration, these 10 vloggers will motivate you to try something new. Disclaimer: POPSUGAR is not responsible for any feelings of FOMO, #hairenvy, or sleep deprivation caused by watching these channels.

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Her Instagram: @naptural85
Her YouTube channel: Naptural85
Why we can't stop watching: Dubbed the "Queen of Natural Hair," Whitney is your go-to girl for quick styling tutorials on 4a/4b hair textures. She carefully maps out easy steps for you to follow at home, from dutch braids to special-occasion updos. If her hair how-tos weren't enough, she also shares easy DIYs for gorgeous hair accessories and treatments you can whip up in your kitchen.

Mo Knows Hair

Her Instagram: @moknowshair
Her YouTube channel: MoKnowsHair
Why we can't stop watching: Not only will her fluffy red-hued locks give you major hair envy, but she also enlists women of all curl textures and sizes to show off their styles. More inspiration, more fun.

Mahogany Curls

Her Instagram: @mahoganycurls
Her YouTube channel: MahoganyCurls
Why we can't stop watching: Confused about which product will work on your curls? Jessica has your answer. Her channel is filled with product reviews and demos so that you know what to expect before you splurge.

Natural Neiicey

Her Instagram: @naturalneiicey
Her YouTube channel: PGneiicey
Why we can't stop watching: This Toronto-based beauty isn't afraid to get real. Aside from all the hair and style goodness you'll find, she also shares hilarious "story time" videos, where she spills on embarrassing high-school moments and first-time Tinder date advice.

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Smartista Beauty

Her Instagram: @thesmartista
Her YouTube channel: SmartistaBeauty
Why we can't stop watching: Bri "Smartista" Hall had us hooked at her bright-blond curls, but her killer makeup skills and motivational life advice are what keeps us scrolling. If you're looking for easy workout tips or need a boost of positivity to get your day going, Bri is your girl.

My Natural Sistas

Their Instagram: @mynaturalsistas
Their YouTube channel: MyNaturalSistas
Why we can't stop watching: These sisters are proof that hair advice from three is always better than one. Each sister takes to the same channel to share their unique approach on styling their different hair textures.

Jessica Pettway

Her Instagram: @jfashiongirl87
Her YouTube channel: JessicaPettway
Why we can't stop watching: A lot of natural-haired ladies love testing out wigs and weaves for protective styling. Jessica Pettway is a true beauty chameleon, and she's happy to share all of her changes — including going from a funky blond fro to a sassy short bob — for your viewing pleasure.

Etc Blog Mag

Her Instagram: @etcblogmag
Her YouTube channel: etcblogmag
Why we can't stop watching: If you follow her on Instagram, you know that Yolanda's feed is the center for hot how-tos and quick product tips. However, it's her adorable daughters, Taylor and Skylar, who end up stealing the show with their OOTDs and mini beauty guru hair tips.

Taren Guy

Her Instagram: @tarenguy
Her YouTube channel: Taren916
Why we can't stop watching: Taren has arguably become one of the most familiar personalities of the natural hair community. The vlogger-turned-expert has taken her subscribers through years of hair changes from a big chop to her current honey-blond fro. Her positive spirit and free-spirited style will not only influence you to let your hair roam free but will inspire you to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Hey Fran Hey

Her Instagram: @heyfranhey
Her YouTube channel: HeyFranHey
Why we can't stop watching: Boho beauty Francheska isn't only rocking her natural hair, but she also shares her tips for maintaining an all-natural lifestyle. The online personality shares all her secrets, from her at-home remedies for relieving aches and pains to tips on how to unwind when you're feeling stressed out.

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