Powder brushes are seen as the do-alls of the makeup tools because they're so versatile. But how do you know when to reach for the powder brush and when to grab another one, like your blush brush? It's easier than you think:

What It's Used For: Powder brushes are great for any type of loose or pressed powder that you apply directly to your face. They evenly spread pigment across your mug, giving you a natural, all over glow.

What It Looks Like: These bad boys are usually the biggest in the bunch since they cover such a large surface area. They're domed and fluffy and usually have natural bristles. The best powder brushes will have a slightly tapered shape in order to distribute pigment evenly.

Why You Need It: People tend to think that blush brushes and powder brushes can be used interchangeably, but you should really avoid this. Since your face makeup is usually a more natural shade and your blush is pinker, mixing the two on your brush head can cause an uneven skin tone, which is what you're trying to avoid. To use the powder brush, dip it into your face powder, tap off the excess, and swipe it over your face. You'll want to focus on the areas where you produce the most oil, which tends to be your t-zone. Just make sure the finished product is even and glowing.

Tips and Tricks

  • Larger powder brushes are also great for applying pigment to your neck and décolletage. Use the same steps as are listed above.