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The Best Way to Crimp Your Hair

Crimping Is Having a Moment Thanks to Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera stepped out with some serious crimps in her hair last night at the Trevor Project Benefit in LA, but these weren't the kinks that plagued our misguided middle school years. Newly engaged Naya knew to sex up her crimps instead of succumbing to Kimmy Gibbler syndrome. Starting with a deep side part, Naya kept her crimps medium-size and cohesive, leaving the ends just a little undone and frizzy.

"The easiest way [to pull off the trend is] to buy an inexpensive crimper," explains Kattia Solano, the owner of Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC. "If you can't, use a small curling iron and use it in the opposite way to create lines. For some hair types, sleeping with braids overnight on clean hair can create a similar effect." Feeling inspired, we took a trip down memory lane to some of the biggest crimping moments in recent history.

Tyra Banks, 1998

Tyra's crimps proved how curly girls could have some flexibility with their style. "It's best to start with a smoother texture," Solano advises ladies with curly or natural hair. "Blow-dry the hair first using tension to make your curls a little more sleek and pulled out."


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Britney Spears, 2000

Thin, straight-haired girls should load up on products to keep their crimps in place. "Make sure you apply a mousse or a volume spray, then blow-dry the hair to create lashing hold," Solano says. If you aren't a fan of crimping your entire head, channel Britney Spears and work the texture in with your curls.

Beyoncé Knowles, 2001

Beyoncé was a huge fan of crimped styles in the early '00s, and the mini braids along her scalp added an extra special touch.

Reem Acra, Spring 2014

As if Naya's take on this style wasn't enough, the Spring 2014 runways also welcomed some high-fashion coils. Reem Acra embraced disco-era hair, which is a great option for girls who fall victim to frizz. "Look for a product that offers antihumidity protection," Solano advises. With all this crimping nostalgia, we're second-guessing our sleek curls for the holiday season.

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