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Big Is Back! Volumizers We Love, Part II

Remember yesterday I told you that I had three favorite volumizers? Well, after poking around a little bit more in the store, I realized there were still a few more to introduce you to. Big hair is really in for Spring and these trusty products help give your limp locks some life. Spray them directly at the roots of your hair followed by styling with a round brush (to create lift) and heat. Enjoy!

Jonathan Product® Create Root Volume™ Brushable Lifting Spray, $28, is what every Brigitte Bardot wanna be must buy! This volumizer will give you seriously sexy hair without a gross sticky feeling.

Since it is made from lemongrass water and plant botanicals, it smells light and citrusy, and it is also great for your hair. The formula includes: sweet almond protein, Pathenol Vitamin Complex and UV filters to protect your hair against sun damage and fading.

For two more volumizers,

Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Volume Spray for Fine Limp Hair, $24, is a keratin infused concentrated spritzer that contains that extra boost of protein to give your lackluster and limp hair a boost. Spray generously at the roots of your hair and style with heat as usual.

Alterna® - LIFE Volumizing Spray Gel for Fine and Thin Hair, $19, is a lightweight spray gel that helps control, hold and give your hair definition with move ability. It smells really good too since it's made from floral extracts. It's also formulated with silk amino acids (proteins) to strengthen hair and increase shine.

zomigi zomigi 10 years
Have you personally used these products and can vouch for them working as advertised? There's so many of these types of products out there, but it's hard to find ones that really deliver on their promises (for me at least).
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
Not to be rude or anything.... i need a good volumizer, i just got a short swingy cut and i need oomph. i think i will go with the jonathan, any man who cries when his product line is done (on tv, no less) has to have some kind of passion in his product.
Desideria Desideria 10 years
oops, I meant back of course.
Desideria Desideria 10 years
I am glad that big is bag, because my hair is very big naturally, but I don't think I will need any volumizer.
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