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Bigger Boobs in 30 Minutes

Whether you're a fan of breast augmentation or you think it's just for boobs (yuk yuk), you probably know that getting implants isn't a quick and easy procedure. Most women take two to five days off to start healing, and it can take weeks to do so completely.

Not for long, though, according to a Dallas plastic surgeon. Dr. John Tebbetts, shown here, is appearing at the annual meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons this week. He'll present information on his 30-minute breast augmentation procedure, which requires low levels of anaesthetics and promises to get the newly ample-bosomed recovered in just a few hours.

"The level of pain that our patients experience does not require any medications other than Ibuprofen which is available over the counter without a prescription," Dr Tebbetts said. ... "After the surgery we tell the women to go home and have a little nap, then get up after two hours, wash their hair, which helps them stretch their muscles, then go to dinner."

If it takes off, the so-called "out to dinner" breast augmentation could change the way women view surgery. You could wake up a 32A, then go out that evening a 32D—all with a procedure that takes less time than a dental cleaning. In effect, getting implants becomes a simple, quick procedure. I'm curious to know what you think of this development. Does it change the way you look at cosmetic surgery at all?


phree2b phree2b 9 years
Surgery is Never Really simple...
dragonbaby dragonbaby 10 years
dh931 "If men had to wear bras they'd never be as expensive as they are!!!!!" Okay...other than needing to poke out my minds eyes with this visual...I have to agree!! It is very true!! LOL Surgery is surgery even if it only takes 30 minutes. There are still very real risks involved regardless of this guys great new approach/technique. I agree that it is one thing if there is a medical necessity involved otherwise I fall on the side of women who wish all women were just happy with their own bodies and didn't feel the need to try to meet the unattainable pop culture idea of what boobs should look like. Or worse, have fake boobs because some guy made you feel that you needed them.
madmoiselle madmoiselle 10 years
hate this trend!!! everybody wants to look just like Pam Anderson! :D It's awful! I'm skinny, and I love my body. I have small breast, but I would never do surgery, cause I'm ok with what I have. :) I hate big boobs!! it looks tacky somehow... xD I can repeat my slogan gain: YES to Natural beauty, NO to make-up and implants!!! xD
keiraz keiraz 10 years
uuum I don't even want big boobs am happy with my B's
Peyote Peyote 10 years
I love my small boobs!
BlairBear BlairBear 10 years
My boobs are big enough thank you very much, (36 E) but I am breastfeeding, so they'll go down when I'm done. Maybe a lift?
silly3 silly3 10 years
What about a third choice "I like my boobs the way they are and don't need 'em to be bigger!"
MamaD MamaD 10 years
Fake boobs are only good if you have some kind of deformity and need to even things out. Then I feel that's more medical than cosmetic. But surgery is surgery and it's always dangerous! Not to be taken lightly! I'd love a breast reduction but don't want to risk going under the knife. I'm a 42DD and I'm not bragging here at all. It's a strain on my back and shoulders. I make jokes that I'd like them "shortened" since gravity is beginning to play it's sick little joke on me. But instead I just buy ridiculously expensive bras to look and feel better. If men had to wear bras they'd never be as expensive as they are!!!!!
sorry, my real boobs are hugh anyway.
coddswaddle coddswaddle 10 years
As an aside, my boobs filled out a bit after I got off chemical birth control and went on the IUD. A life with natural hormones is pretty cool. Also, thanks to modern tech, a small gal can purchase a gel insert a la: or,size,.htm Boobs when you want them!
lydia-holmes lydia-holmes 10 years
Keep what nature has given you I always say. I hate fake boobs, they are so unnatural!
girlfriday girlfriday 10 years
No surgery can be safe in 30 minutes and so little recovery! It must be an injection of some sort...but I'm guessing it would be very hard to control where the injection goes. Well, it sounds fishy. And girls, if you are really small right now, especially if you are still in your teens, early 20s, I promise - if you gain even a little weight/get more body fat, and especially if you ever have kids, your breasts will enlarge naturally! This doesn't mean you have to be fat, but if you're exercising a lot and you have a very low body fat, your breasts will naturally be small.
wthello wthello 10 years
Surgery is still surgery. I hope these quickie procedures still involve lengthy, informative consultations. :|
alillee alillee 10 years
i don't really want bigger boobs but i'd like for both of my boobs to be the same exact size as one of them is noticeably bigger than the other.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
I would definatly consider getting fake boobs if I could afford it and it took 30 minutes! Right now, I love my boobs, but in 7 or 10 years of course I would want them!
OliveBlack OliveBlack 10 years
Not in a million years. I don't understand why anyone gets fake boobs full stop, I don't think it should be made even easier.
sapphire3245 sapphire3245 10 years
eww meena who get stupid implants groooooooosssssss!!!!:()
sapphire3245 sapphire3245 10 years
oh come on please i dont beleive that stupid ad no one buy it please stick by me it most likely doesnt work
nlw nlw 10 years
If his procedure is so easy, then why is the chick in the pic completely flat chested?!?! haha, bet she didn't want to have it done! :P
kurniakasih kurniakasih 10 years
I don't feel comfortable having a silicone 'bag' in my body. Having a non-organic thing in my body bothers me...kind of. That's the only reason I've never been attracted to getting a pair of fake boobs (although I'm pretty small), plus my hubby threatened divorce if I dared do it (he's against all fake boobs, plastic surgery, tattoos, and so on).
cnyc1a cnyc1a 10 years
I'm not into big boobs. I find them to always cheapen your look.
kungfubunni kungfubunni 10 years
i am small chested and against it just b/c i don't want there to be one definition of beauty. small boobs are nice too! any more than a handful is too much i like to say! but i am healthy and happy and i don't hold it against other people, but i wish that they didn't feel the need to get breast implants or nose jobs or whatever! (ps: i have a big nose too... lol)
PJ-PJ-PJ PJ-PJ-PJ 10 years
I'm not too sure about a 30 minute augmentation. That seems a little too fast. I wouldn't want my surgeon to feel rushed! The low pain thing sounds great, though. I have a very low pain tolerance & that is the only thing that ever kept me from getting augmentation. I used to be a 32AA. It was horrible for my self esteem, especially since my sister always had huge boobies. Also, no matter how fashionable & cute my blouses & dresses were, I just ended up looking like a well dressed ironing board. (I was very underweight, until after I got married.) I always said I would get a boob job. Now, after I've gained a considerable amount of weight, I have the boobies (C cup). I can definitely fill out a top, but they are highly overrated. Sometimes they actually get in the way. I think if I could just get back down to a B cup, I'll be content. We'll see....the grass is always greener on the other side! My hubby is an idiot. He thinks real ones "look saggy" (think Shania Twain & Giada de Laurentiis). I constantly have to bring him back to reality & tell him that is what real ones are SUPPOSED to look like & that they don't stay perky without surgery! My two best friends love their fake boobies. I have to admit, they do look good, but they didn't get super huge ones, thank goodness. They also did their research & went to a reputable surgeon. I would never hold it against anyone. To each his own. I wouldn't even rule out future augmentation for myself. You never know how you might feel in the future. (And, no, I would never get it done to satisfy my hubby. In fact, if he is ever dumb enough to suggest it, I'll just have to counter-suggest that he get a bit of augmentation himself, if you know what I mean. That should stop the entire thought process from ever entering his brain again!)
Cleopatra2U Cleopatra2U 10 years
coddswaddle, that is great, and I hope to get to the same point you are at someday (complete with hot, accepting-of-my-body-just-the-way-it-is boyfriend!). For now I will have to be content with wanting a b00b job only every once in a while (usually when I am trying on clothes, especially bras and bikinis) instead of every single day. Acceptance can be a slow process.
mabess mabess 10 years
my boobs are big enough, thank you. how about a tummy tuck in 30 minutes? then we'd be in business. ok, so i'm kidding. no cosmetic surgery for me.
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