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Bikini Wax Tips

3 Things You Didn't Know About Waxing

With Spring in full swing, it's time to think about clearing out those . . . er, overgrown areas. Sure, you may know it's important to exfoliate and hydrate before a waxing appointment. And we bet you've heard tight clothing only increases your chance of ingrown hairs. But Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K Wax Center, reveals three little-known topics you should be talking over with your esthetician before the hot wax comes out. Keep reading for more.

1. You need to give your esthetician a full skin care history. The products you put on your skin every day could affect your waxing experience. In fact, mixing some products with wax is a no-no. "Prior to your appointment, I recommend letting your waxer know if you have any allergies, health conditions, or are taking any medicine, like Accutane, which would not make you a candidate to receive a service," Grupenmager says. "We also need to know if you are using any topical lotions or creams like AHAs or Retin-A, which are not compatible with waxing."

2. Hard wax is not the best option for down there. "Hard waxes break and crack, making it difficult to remove, while elastic wax stretches to remove hair without strips, causing less of a pull to the skin, meaning a more comfortable removal experience," Grupenmager says. "One major difference between hard and elastic wax is that elastic wax is applied at body temperature, whereas hard wax, if too hot, not only can be uncomfortable, but sometimes can even burn the person getting waxed."

3. There are other places worth waxing besides your bikini line. Legs, underarms, and the bikini area are all common requests when it comes to waxing, but take full advantage of all the services offered. You can get your chest, stomach, happy trail, and nipple areas waxed, too. "Many women aren't aware how popular these services actually are and are often embarrassed to request it," Grupenmager explained. So don't be shy; go ahead and get all the fuzzy areas taken care of before bikini season.

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