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Biobliss Wrinkle Treatment Before and After Review

Will This Gizmo Rejuvenate and Refresh My Skin?

Behold: a Biobliss patch, the latest newfangled product designed to give you smoother, rejuvenated skin. Sure, it looks silly, but the promises it makes definitely aren't. Biobliss guarantees that users will "enjoy smooth, healthy-looking skin," and says the patch is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since all you have to do is slap the patch on and leave it there for an hour, we decided to test it out and let you decide whether it worked. So to see the before and after photos, just keep reading.

Here I am right before I put on the patch:

And here I am approximately an hour and 15 minutes later:

I know I'm not exactly Biobliss's target age, but my skin is very dry, and as you can tell from my lack of makeup, nonexistent hairstyling, and crooked glasses, this was not my best day. When I get stressed, my skin is even drier than usual and you can see the veins in my forehead (hot, I know). So I'd rank myself as a reasonable treatment candidate.

After I used the patch, I didn't see much of an improvement in my skin's texture, but it definitely hydrated things, and it relaxed my forehead enough to make the veins go away. The patch is mostly hyaluronic acid, which temporarily plumps up skin and is a common hydrating agent, and it also contains argireline, which is a mild muscle relaxant.

I don't know whether the relaxation I saw was from the argireline so much as it was from wearing a patch that kept me from tensing my forehead for an hour, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. What do you think? Did it do anything I couldn't also have gotten from a mojito and a good night's sleep?

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