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Biotherm Fall 2007 Skin Care Lineup

New from Biotherm are three skincare products that I think you are going to like just as much as I do. Only the first is out right now, and the second two are expected to launch on October 28.

The first is an incredible three-in-one product called Eau Miscellaire ($25). It is a cleanser, toner and makeup remover for the face and eyes. This gentle water-based and mineral-infused gem leaves your skin with a healthy look and feel. I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, and this has helped me keep my packing to a minimum.

For an in-depth description of the remaining two products,

Next is a product called Line Peel Polisher ($28). This is a skin renewal treatment that was inspired by microdermabrasion. It is an easy-to-use exfoliant that chemically peels dead layers of skin away to create a flawless radiant, smooth and uniform complexion. Apply two to three times a week to a clean face and let it stand for about eight minutes. Remove in small circular motions with your fingertips.

The last product, Reminerale ($55), is an intense anti-aging treatment recommended for women who are 55 years or older. (Hi, Mom!) It contains calcium, magnesium, b-phosphorous and essential fatty acids to help combat the eight most concerning effects of aging: slackening, dullness, loss of density, wrinkles, roughness, deep dryness, lack of firmness and lack of elasticity.

Join The Conversation
lolabayern lolabayern 9 years
Hi I LOVE biotherm too... haven't tried these new products favorites: Aquasource and Biosource line. And by the way I buy them on their website
ladykse ladykse 9 years
never seen this one i guess that means i don't get out much or something
mverno mverno 9 years
wonderful product
krissypoo18 krissypoo18 9 years
sounds like they are a good product
MissFancy MissFancy 9 years
These Products are AMAZING the Polisher is soooo nice, you can use it in two ways... in the shower and as a mask... it does such a great job... and the 3-in-1 leaves your skin feeling sooo nice soft and dewy looking.
mrsyuen mrsyuen 9 years
What? 3 in 1 I need to get it! It'll save me so much time and Biotherm have such great products!
cindeerella cindeerella 9 years
i bought biotherm not too long ago so i'm pretty sure they're still around in the states =)
jklimas jklimas 9 years
Large Macy's stores still carry this.
dguillenm dguillenm 9 years
i would love this stuff
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
I've never heard of this line.
lucyS lucyS 9 years
It's still in Canada!! I'll be getting me some of these products.
Buttercupz Buttercupz 9 years
I think Biotherm is no longer available in the states. This lineup is just salt in my wounds!
Masqueraded_Angel Masqueraded_Angel 9 years
Oh my goodness...I LOVE Biotherm! I used to use the Source Therapie religiously...and then they stopped selling it at Bath & Body Works.
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