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I always figured that if someone said, "Hey, I'm an unlicensed practitioner who wants to inject silicone into your ass," most people would know to run far away. Sadly, that's not the case. In an alternately depressing and stupefying story, the New York Times reports on a disturbing trend. Women, many of them Latina and transgender, are going to underground "pumping parties." There, they're injected with black-market silicone to create larger breasts, bottoms, and thighs.

While side effects are rare — or perhaps just underreported, as the procedure is illegal — the risks are great:

. . . Fiordaliza Pichardo just wanted to look beautiful, so a few years ago, she began getting silicone injections from a woman she met through a friend in order to plump up her thighs and derriere. She never expected to pay such a high price for her looks. In March, a day after receiving an injection, Ms. Pichardo, 43, died of what the medical examiner later determined was a silicone embolism in her lungs.

Because silicone can move through the bloodstream, it has the potential to cause this kind of fatal clot in the lungs. Unfortunately, because the plumping effect is relatively cheap and quick, experts think the procedure is unlikely to go away anytime soon. The FDA is planning to issue a warning about the dangers of silicone injection, but something tells me that won't be enough to keep some women from taking risks to feel more beautiful.


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Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
I would only ever get something ike this done my a professional with a fancy degree on their wall. Regardless of the cost my health is something I never want to risk. However I'll embrace my thighs and bum and be happy in the fact that people are going through procedures to get what I have. (From eating chips :p)
Beauty Beauty 8 years
That's really interesting, morninghurts — thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I imagine a lot of your friends are indeed happy with the injections, but it seems too risky to me. It sounds like a sketchy situation indeed if the practitioner isn't willing to be transparent about his or her methods and supplies — and even if that weren't the case, I still think there are safer ways to go about things. Thank you again for sharing your story.
morninghurts morninghurts 8 years
I have a bunch of transgender friends and most of them have had silicone injections. I have even gone with one of my friends to see it done. Since I personally know so many who have done it numerous times (they do a tiny amount each time so that it stays where it's injected) it has been a great conflict for me since I've always thought about doing it myself. Anything I do in life I research heavily though which has kept me from getting it done since I'm one to ask a lot of questions and the people I know who give silicone injections (they've each been doing it for at least a decade) go by a routine and if you don't follow that routine they won't see you and questions aren't allowed. Like I'd actually want to see this bottle of silicone they are using for injections since I know what the medical grades are. I've asked my friends if I asked them if I could see the bottle, and they've told me that if I asked they wouldn't see me. How sketchy is that? I'm not sure if I'll actually end up getting it done one of these days but it's very tempting when so many people I know have done it and are happier with the shape of their bodies because of it.
amelioratelj amelioratelj 8 years
I've never heard of women wanting BIGGER thighs! I guess I will have to embrace my naturally silicone free ones! It's sad that women will take such risks in the name of beauty :(
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
Just to save some money while trying to look better people are going to dangerous measures. it's sad and I am not sure that it can be stopped.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Good lord!
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
First off, I'm Dominican and this crazy lady makes a lot of us look shady. Whats sad is if you look at Spanish TV shows, the Hispanic women are looking more and more fake. I know particularly in Dominican Republic its getting to epidemic scales the amount of women who are going under the knife for all sorts of things (many times trying to cut costs in dangerous ways) just to have these really plastic-y looking bodies. Make the madness end!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Technically the injector is wanted for homicide, but she fled to the Dominican Republic, according to the story.
brandysbug brandysbug 8 years
how sad! I hope whoever gave her the injection pays for what he/she did to that poor woman. This is just so creepy, anyway! I avoid needles at all costs!
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