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Blood Therapy For Skin Care

Would You Vampirize Yourself?

Maybe Dracula had it at least a little bit right: apparently blood really can keep you young, but only if it's your own.

In the UK, the hottest new antiaging procedure is "S3" or Stimulated Self Serum skin therapy, which is a pretty alliterative euphemism for injecting your own blood into your face. Well, not your blood, exactly, but the clear serum that's left over once your red blood cells and platelets have been removed. The doctor draws blood from you, separates it, mixes your serum with amino acids and other vitamins, and then injects the slurry right back into your face. Apparently, a similar procedure has long been used to help regrow gum tissue in those with receding gum lines, so doctors figured it would work to regenerate skin cells, too.

This sounds like it could work, although it doesn't seem that different from mesotherapy or injectables to me. Maybe it's intended for people who want a slightly more "natural" outpatient procedure, though. What do you think?  Would you try this as opposed to Botox or Restylane, or is it just another cosmetic procedure with a slightly vampiric twist?

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